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We support organic growers, rethink waste cycles, and reinvest 100% of profits back to CERES Park and CERES School of Nature and Climate.

Can food be fairer?

Since opening we've helped over one million students learn how to care for the earth.

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Seasonal recipes

Soy Marinated Eggs

This recipe comes from fellow Fair Fooder, Aki. She posted these soy marinated eggs on her Instagram, and we were

Paska – Easter Bread

We’re sharing this recipe to show support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people, we encourage anyone who makes it to

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Our growers and makers

Every Fair Food order supports organic growers and makers of all shapes and sizes. We pay fair prices, get behind the next generation, and stick with our farmers through the seasons.
Otways Distillery

Gadubanud Country – Forrest

90km from Fair Food

Grower: Sally
Growing: Infused gin, vodka, berrycello, limoncello
How: Organic, regenerative practises
Packaging: Recyclable

Emmaline Farm

Taungurung Country - Cathedral Ranges

90km from Fair Food

Grower: Noleen
Growing: Garlic, pumpkins, apples, feijoas, kiwi fruit, squash, blueberries, blackberries, red peppers, pears, lemons, chillies, tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers
How: Organic, regenerative practises

Island Home

Woiwurrung Country - Carlton

12km from Fair Food

Makers: Charith and Michele
Making: Sri Lankan heat and serve meals
Using: Certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Compostable

Farm Raiser

Woiwurrung Country - Bellfield

3km from Fair Food

Growers: Kristy, Patrick, Charlotte, Caitlin and Eve
Growing: Greens, radishes, celery and herbs
How: Organic, regenerative, biointensive practices

Wahrina Farm

Ngurraiillam Country - Goulburn Valley

180km from Fair Food

Growers: Jenny, David, Shane, Anne and Bernie
Growing: Pistachios
How: Organic, regenerative practices

Melbourne’s Favourite Online Organic Supermarket

Organic Fruit and Vegetables in Melbourne

Looking for groceries that keep giving long after the dishes are done? Then let CERES Fair Food be your destination for organic vegetables in Melbourne. We specialise in the delivery of fresh, organic fruit and veg directly to your doorstep. Our philosophy is simple – can food be fairer? We support Australian growers and makers who share our values, we pay our farmers fair prices that value the true cost of our food, and stick with them through the seasons. Every Fair Food order supports a stronger, fairer food system. Read More

Convenient Online Organic Groceries

Take a stroll through our virtual aisles stocked with organic grocery. Our shelves are filled with top quality organic groceries as well as a huge range of bulk whole foods and natural products for kitchen, home and body. From fresh produce to pantry staples, our organic grocery store ensures you have all you need to prepare your favourite meals, fill the lunchboxes and feast on the seasons.

Melbourne’s Top Organic Vegetable Delivery Service

Say goodbye to the tedium of driving to the store, waiting in line, and lugging bags back home. With CERES Fair Food, getting organic vegetables in Melbourne has never been easier. Whether it’s crisp, leafy greens or hearty root vegetables, our organic vegetable delivery service ensures your kitchen is always stocked with the best of the season.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Can Food Be Fairer?

At CERES Fair Food, our organic supermarket exists to support a sustainable food system for farmers and a fairer future for the next generation; that’s what gets our orders packed, delivered and eaten by such a wide and wonderful community. Every Fair Food delivery supports Australian growers and makers, all working together to create a diverse and thriving local food network. Feast on a fairer future with organic fruits and vegetables at your door.

Why Choose CERES Fair Food: Your Organic Produce Delivery Partner

Our commitment to quality and sustainability sets us apart. We source the finest organic fruits and vegetables, ensuring they are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our online organic groceries are meticulously handpicked, providing you with the best nature has to offer. We also have non-organic lines that have a positive social impact or be a more sustainable choice than what’s available at larger supermarket chains.  This includes our new sustainably grown IPM produce range that’s 30% cheaper than organic produce but is not certified organic.

Our organic vegetables delivered Melbourne-wide, offer a convenient solution for those who value health, flavour, and ethical shopping. Plus, with our organic fruit and veg delivery Melbourne residents can enjoy the convenience of fresh produce delivered straight to their door.

Make Your Food Fairer With CERES Fair Food

At CERES Fair Food, we make it easier for your food to be fairer. With our fruit and vegetable delivery service, you’ll get quality organic produce delivered right to your home. And the cherry on top? We offer free delivery on all orders over $75. Plus, with our Next Day Delivery, Melbourne residents can enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables with unparalleled convenience. Just order before 7pm! Get behind your local food system with CERES Fair Food, your go-to online organic supermarket for fresh and nutritious produce in Melbourne.

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Yes, we provide organic vegetable delivery across Melbourne. We support growers and makers who share our values, pay them a fair price, and stick with them through the seasons.  

 Please check our delivery areas page to see if we cover your postcode.

Our fruit and veg are grown by many hands, on farms big and small. This includes certified organic and biodynamic farmers, as well as small scale market gardeners, urban mushroom entrepreneurs, even keepers of backyard lemon trees – all working together to create a diverse and thriving local food network. Visit our Growers and Makers page for more info!

Our fruit and vegetable delivery service includes a wide selection of the season’s freshest organic produce. We offer a variety of mixed boxes to suit different household sizes and dietary preferences, and each box is packed with a diverse range of fruits and vegetables to keep your meals exciting and nutritious. All our grocery items are available individually if you prefer to shop for exactly the varieties and quantities you need. Plus you’ll find a wide range of ready made meals, Melbourne bakery staples, bulk whole foods and natural products for kitchen, home and body. 

You have the option to choose from our range of set boxes (with a mix of fruits and vegetables that we’ve selected) or you can make up your own box.

Had a change of heart, a change of plans, or just craving something else? That’s ok! You have up until 7pm the day before delivery to alter your order. Simply log in to your account and click on your upcoming order to modify as you need.

Any purchase over $75 qualifies for free delivery. Simply add your chosen organic groceries to your online cart, and once the total reaches $75 or more, the delivery fee will automatically be waived. This applies to all orders across our huge Melbourne-wide delivery area.

What our customers say

Google review
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We have 9 people in our home! We've been ordering the small box plus extra seasonal veg and fruit for a few months now, and love it. Organic, fresh, exceptional delivery service, next to no packaging. Everything is delicious, fresh and organic.
Google review
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We ordered our first vege and fruit box yesterday and made a beautiful feast out of it last night for dinner. Everything tastes great! It’s fresh, clean and tasty. Great variety of produce. Will 100% order again 🙂
Google review
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These guys are great, have been a customer for many years, top service and quality seasonal organic fruit & veg and lots more.
Google review
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My favourite! Best produce, great ethical company and so convenient! Thanks guys!
SarahNoble Park
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I could not speak higher of your customer service. I’m so grateful you were also able to get the missing items delivered to me so quickly.
JoshHoppers Crossing
Read More
Thank you so much, you guys are honestly the best! I don’t get my fruit and veg from anyone else anymore.
Google review
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Great service and produce. The deliveries are very reliable. I love that they reuse the boxes each week - this sets them above and apart from other food delivery options that only pay lip service to sustainability.
LeaGreensborough, Oct 2022
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Thank you thank you thank you. We just had beautiful Vienna bread with hummus and tabbouleh with fresh lemons for lunch.
KymieCaulfield, Nov 2022
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I’m sure this was an automatic email but in case it goes to a human, we LOVE our CERES deliveries! We have been astounded with the quality and quantity of produce we receive each week. We are finishing up our leftover veggies this week and will re-order next week. Thank you so much! P.S. the delivery drivers are really kind, too!

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