Madelaine's Eggs, Joe Sgro's Fennel, Hot Cross Buns & You

When Madelaine from Madelaine’s Organic Eggs wheeled her weekly delivery into the Fair Food warehouse on Thursday she was also carrying a big pile of postcards about her Pozible crowd-funding campaign. At first glance (that’s her collecting eggs above) Madelaine looks like she’s barely old enough to drive let alone run an organic poultry farm, […]

Great gut news, Noleen's heritage pumpkins imminent and a new Food Host rises

If you’ve read these emails before you might have picked up on my fascination for the human microbiome – or as wikipedia puts it “the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic micro-organisms that literally share our body space.”  Excited?  Not really?  Well here’s something to get you on the bacterial express train to healthy bowel […]

Bulk talk: can you be your own co-op? CERES Market opens 7 Days

This week, after reading some survey feedback asking for more single person sized offerings, I was working with Josh, Fair Food’s produce buyer, on a new  “one person” box we are going to offer soon.  The conversation shifted from smaller sizes to our largest bulk box lots and how people could share and save money.  Josh […]

Autumn almanac entry – Loquats in flower

This loquat tree (see pic above) was a volunteer seedling that popped up in my front yard about five years ago.  And this week, after thinking that it might never fruit, it announced with an abundant coverage of creamy blossoms that it was indeed fecund. Some of you might remember an email from last year […]