Future Steading

A chat with Catie and Jade on the Future Steading podcast

Pop the kettle on and listen in to this great chat with Chris. It’s full of personal and social enterprise insights, covers parenting through pandemics, and touches on the philosophy behind all things Fair Food – where we’ve come from and where we’re going.⁠

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The Circular Economy

City of Darebin, Sustainable Business video series

Chris Ennis, Director of Business Innovation at CERES, shares how CERES Fair Food and Fair Wood have been actively working to reduce energy (including installing an 80 kw solar system), waste and single use plastics whilst supporting sustainable food and wood production.

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LOVE Moreland

City of Moreland local business campaign

We’re so proud to be part of Moreland City Council’s digital campaign to help and support our local businesses.

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Coronavirus and the veggie box

Blueprint for Living with Jonathan Green, Radio National, broadcast Sat July 25, 2020

The impact of the pandemic on our food chains at the retail, production and importation level has become evident during our weekly shop. Suddenly the price of garlic is through the roof, which makes sense as it’s winter, and we can no longer get this late summer crop from Mexico or China. Combined with the rise in popularity of contactless shopping, many of us have turned to the humble veggie box and as a result, we’re eating more seasonally.

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LIVE from the Packing Floor

‘Musicians shift from concert hall to factory floor as pandemic bites’, Michael Dwyer, The Age June 26 2020

Gelareh Pour rests her Persian kamancheh on her knee and smiles at her audience from high on the railed warehouse catwalk. ‘‘I have never played in a place like this,’’ the Iranian-Australian musician says to a ripple of laughter. Looking up from the factory floor of CERES Fair Food in Preston, the 20-odd mainly immigrant and refugee workers packing boxes of fresh produce ….

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Open Hearts and Hands for Bushfire Affected Farms

Community led bushfire recovery with ORICo-op

On Thursday afternoon the cars began arriving at Christine and Chris Watts’ Paynesville farm. Parking in an empty horse paddock, people lay out tents and swags, pull on work shirts and boots and introduce themselves. All of us have been drawn here by the desire to help out after the fires. Among the twelve volunteers is a young economist, a retired nurseryman, an arborist, a nurse and two organic farmers – who themselves had been burnt out three years previously.

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