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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Client name
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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We have 9 people in our home! We've been ordering the small box plus extra seasonal veg and fruit for a few months now, and love it. Organic, fresh, exceptional delivery service, next to no packaging. Everything is delicious, fresh and organic.
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We ordered our first vege and fruit box yesterday and made a beautiful feast out of it last night for dinner. Everything tastes great! It’s fresh, clean and tasty. Great variety of produce. Will 100% order again 🙂
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These guys are great, have been a customer for many years, top service and quality seasonal organic fruit & veg and lots more.
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My favourite! Best produce, great ethical company and so convenient! Thanks guys!
SarahNoble Park
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I could not speak higher of your customer service. I’m so grateful you were also able to get the missing items delivered to me so quickly.
JoshHoppers Crossing
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Thank you so much, you guys are honestly the best! I don’t get my fruit and veg from anyone else anymore.
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Great service and produce. The deliveries are very reliable. I love that they reuse the boxes each week - this sets them above and apart from other food delivery options that only pay lip service to sustainability.

What our customers say!  

  I could not speak higher of your customer service. I’m so grateful you were also able to get the missing items delivered to me so quickly.
Sarah, Noble Park, 4/11/21

 We love CERES and will miss the amazing food, lovely service, and beautiful gardens. Thank you for working so hard and for nourishing us and keeping our spirits up during a very difficult few years.
Leslie, Coburg, 4/11/21

 Good morning! Thank you so much for flowers – that’s so beautiful and unexpected! Also, your wonderful driver must have came back and dropped off the 2nd box with the Schultz milk in it, so we received everything. I’m so sorry didn’t send an email update – my partner brought it in and unpacked it and I didn’t realise until breakfast this morning! Thanks again – you all make Fair Food such an amazing enterprise 🤩
Yvette, Northcote, 25/10/21

 Hi amazing fairfood team, A couple of weeks back we got some beautiful broad beans and zucchini in our fruit and veg box, and then found the following recipe: This middle-eastern pizza really heroes the zucchini and broad beans, and the freshness of the yoghurt topping and the zing of the za’atar spice just make it perfect. I thought I’d share that with you, it’s a perfect dinner for a warm spring evening or a sunny picnic lunch. And although the kids were rather sceptical of the idea at first, they couldn’t get enough when it was time to eat! Thank you for bringing us not only fresh and tasty produce, but also heart- warming stories, beautifully decorated boxes and friendly delivery drivers! We’re very happy with you all and grateful for your hard work. Warm regards, Isabella
Isabella, Ringwood North, 12/10/21

 Hello! Just to say thank you for the lovely flowers! A really wonderful surprise with today’s box! Made my day. Such a wonderful organisation you are!
Jo, Surrey Hills, 9/10/21

 I have just received with thanks my order for this week. It was delivered by the lovely Daniel (according to the picking information). All the drivers have been great, so no dramas there, but Daniel went above and beyond the call of loveliness. Such a smashing bloke! Please pass on my regards. Wishing the whole team the very best. Love your work!
Karen, Keilor Downs, 7/10/21

 Thank you SO much for providing such a thoughtful food service and being generally excellent.
Kate, MacLeod, 6/10/21

 All was excellent. Bright, friendly delivery person. Hopefully soon we will actually be able to spend a few minutes chatting rather than hiding behind the door!
Rosalie, Camberwell, 2/10/21

 Thank you so much, you guys are honestly the best! I don’t get my fruit and veg from anyone else anymore.
Josh, Hoppers Crossing, 29/09/21

 It was absolutely great and I’m so glad I’ve found you. Definitely plan to keep on using Fair Food.
Kim, Oakleigh, 25/09/21

 We were delighted by our first order. Really fresh and lots of it. Perfect delivery with no stress. Great recipes in your website and I look forward to becoming a regular with you.
Vanessa, Carlton, 24/09/21

 I just want to thank you all again for your help, support and patience. You’ve all been wonderful since I started shopping with you. I never stop appreciating it. I hope you all manage to stay safe and well. Warm wishes, Beth.
Beth, Warrandyte, 20/09/21

 Thanks for following up, you all do a super job – I’ve been a customer for a long time and I can count on one hand the number of times things have got mixed up – and every time it is sorted quickly with no fuss. Bit of a rare thing these days! Cheers, Sonia
Sonia, Brunswick, 17/09/21

 Love you guys – doing an awesome job — have another order coming tomorrow!
Emma, South Melbourne, 26/5/21

 Fantastic produce/amazing service. Great that I can recycle boxes and white cooler box. Will order again next week. Great job.
Bernadette, West Brunswick, 23/5/21

 Hi Team, Just dropping you a note of thanks – your biodynamic brown rice is the most amazing rice! Just made a coconut cream curry (with your cauliflower and your red lentils, and your brown onions, and your green chillies – also all super nice) and it goes so well with this rice. I remember thinking the same thing when I used to buy this rice back around 2013/14 – it is just so good, especially with a coconut curry. Many thanks,
Dave, Chelsea, 18/5/21

 Thank you so much for organising the re-delivery of our items and for the extra treats! We really appreciate your time in organising this for us. CERES have an amazing team – we feel lucky that you provide the service you do. Thanks again and have a great rest of the weekend 😊
Christine, Warrandyte, 16/5/21

 Thankyou for Eid greetings and thinking of us.
Ayesha, Westmeadows, 17/5/21

 I have been a customer of CERES Fair Food for nine years, and one of your hosts. Of course there’s the organically grown fruit and veggies tasting great while helping poor Earth recover. But also I trust CERES to have done the detective work on where grocery items are produced. I can truly say I’ve never given the big supermarket chains any money in all that time, for the pokies, any way to cheat the primary producers, any underpayment of their staff – in fact all I’ve bought at supermarkets has been emergency tins of cat food. Meanwhile we give what we can regularly to charities (we’re pensioners). It’s so embarrassing that a rich country like ours doesn’t give generously. So when I realised that Fair Food not only pays the farmers properly, but researches each grocery item before they stock it, employs at least 50% of staff on their first Australian job, and gives profits back to CERES Community Environment Park as well – all the things I’d like my charity to go on, but local – I’m happy to pay a bit extra for it all. What’s not to love?
Virginia, Ormond, 12/5/21

 Thank you for such a quick response and for crediting my account. Love your work!
Cecilia, North Melbourne, 22/4/21

 Hi Fairfood Team, I love reading you stories, thank you for sharing your community 🙂 Wishing you all an abundant week in all you love. Ahh I love the Jiva Kombucha – thank you Jiva 🙂 Warmest regards,
Michele, Preston, 12/4/21

 Thank you for the amazing job you all do. The veg boxes are excellent!!
Tina, Yarraville, 10/4/21

 Just wanted to email to say that I’m really happy with my CERES order. There is so much in the small fruit and veg box! I didn’t go to the grocery store this week and it saved a lot of time (and money cause I didn’t impulse buy!). Love the selection and that a lot of packaged products are in glass rather than plastic.
Jessica, Hoppers Crossing, 29/3/21

 Thank you so much Steph, really appreciate your time. Sorry couldn’t answer you earlier was with the little one. Mistakes do happen, I know that with you guys they always get solved. That’s why no matter what we always come back. 😊 Have a lovely weekend too.
Mark/Anya, Oak Park, 2/4/21

 Hi 😁, Just wanted to say the honeydew melons received last week – replacement for rockmelons – was phenomenal! It was like a hybrid of rockmelon and honeydew in the best possible way! My partner was even telling his mates about how great it was and never knew such a combination existed 🍈 Thanks again for supplying such yummy produce 🌈👍💕
Cerise, Point Cook, 22/3/21

 CERES Fair Food is amazing. Thanks and congrats to the team, it’s great to watch you grow over the years. Thank you.
Ben, Brunswick, 16/3/21

 Also thank you for delivering us nutritious, healthy amazing produce and products this crazy year. We loved you guys so much in lockdown we couldn’t stop.
Leslie, Coburg, 15/3/21

 Thanks so much for following this matter up Shell. I appreciate it heaps 🙂 Enjoy your day and I have to say the customer service you guys provide is outstanding.
Patricia, Airport West, 3/3/21

 The produce this week is outstanding, keep up the good work.
Biljana, Middle Park, 17/2/21

 Thanks so much for our delicious fruit and veg box. You really brightened up one little boy’s lockdown.
Kim and Henry, West Melbourne, 16/2/21

 No worries at all. Thanks for following it up and I really do appreciate the work that you’re all doing over there! Thanks heaps for being a touchstone for food security and relocalisation in our city!
Megan, Greensborough, 15/2/21

 Also just wanted to say thanks so much for the exception delivery service and for the fantastic produce. Always excited to get my delivery – keep up the great work!
Nicola, West Melbourne, 3/2/21

 Thanks to the crew (as always) for the remarkable produce!
Kim, Northcote, 28/1/21

 Getting my Ceres delivery is going to be one of the things I’ll miss most about Melbourne so thank you so much for all those wonderful boxes that my family and I have enjoyed for years.
Fiona, Brunswick, 25/1/21

 Thanks so much again, you guys are so great. I was thinking this morning that’s one great thing that came out of Covid; me being forced to get home delivery of my organics which led to me finding you guys! Pleasure, you guys are seriously so awesome. We are moving interstate mid year and I was like oh no I hope I can find someone similar! I can buy the Warbotanicals online thankfully. It’s not til June but we will be sad to leave all our usual shops. Thanks again!
Gemma, Taylors Lakes, 18/1/21

 Extremely satisfied, thank you. I will be re-ordering and will flat pack the packaging for next time!
Rose, Prahran, 13/1/21

 Hi fabulous CERES people! Thanks so much for the delicious young juicy ginger I received in my order this week! I’m loving slicing it up for my morning porridge!
Helene, Bentleigh East, 11/1/21

 Just a quick message to say thanks for the excellent quality produce this week. All fruits exceed our expectations for organic standards, and glad to see you are stocking Sunny Creek berries, they truly are the best and hard to find locally.
Marianna, Cheltenham, 11/1/21

 Thanks CERES! I actually bought the whole cabbage to relieve engorgement as my milk comes in following the birth of my daughter on Friday. I can assure you that, other than the side effect of purple breasts, that the red one works just as well! Cheers
Kate, Brunswick, 8/1/21

 Thanks for all the lovely food, the deliveries have been a massive help this year. Have a lovely break and great new year.
Erin, Kew, 27/12/20

 Wishing everyone at CERES a very safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your outstanding service all year. Enjoy your well deserved break.
Christine, Clifton Hill, 24/12/20

 Thanks Shell and a very merry Xmas to you and the team. Thanks for all your great customer service over the past year.. sincerely grateful. Have a nice break and happy 2021 to us all!
Linda and Michel, Brunswick, 23/12/20

 Merry Christmas to all at CERES! Thank you for all your hard and excellent service. Having alternatives to supermarkets and access to quality food and other locally sourced goods is highly valuable.
Kirsten, Northcote, 15/12/20

 Merry Christmas to you all, you do an amazing job. All the best for 2021
Katrina – Food host, 15/12/20

 Many thanks for all the good service and great fruit and veg during this tricky year!
Ingrid, St Kilda East, 15/12/20

 Thank you so much for your kind words and excellent service! Have a lovely day
Raffaella, Reservoir, 14/12/20

 Just wanted to drop you a message and thanks for the consistently great food and delivery, and especially the carrots – lately – or for a while I’ve been getting these ones that are a kind of lighter orange and they’re quite thick as far as carrots go, and some are short and stubby – they’re just the nicest tasting carrots I’ve eaten!
Dave, Chelsea, 10/12/20

 Thanks for the great veggie boxes – we are huge fans of your produce and ethics.
Anna, Williamstown, 10/12/20

 It’s very blissful receiving a delivery at my front door from CERES Fair Food … better than Christmas!
Joan, Mill Park, 8/12/20

 Thank you so much, as always, for another exciting fresh food delivery for my grandparents – they are already anticipating receiving their box and discovering the beautiful bounty within. They are both 93 now and have had a tough year during the pandemic – your boxes have lifted their spirits each time, and reassured me that they are staying healthy and well fed (I am in Ireland, unfortunately unable to come to Melbourne this year to be with my family). Best wishes and congratulations to you all on your fundraising, and huge thanks for everything you do.
Henrietta, Ireland, 7/12/20

 Thanks for everything you do
Meg, Thornbury, 7/12/20

 Hi Mia, Thank you for your reply. It’s not a big deal but I appreciate the credit anyway. I love the quality of your produce and will always recommend you to others. 🙂
Belinda, Eaglemont, 5/12/20

 I’m just calling to say a huge thank you. You are so kind and always look after me and accommodate my needs when you can. I really appreciate everything you do for me.
Natasha, 3/12/20

 Thank you for a successful delivery of the Gift Box to my niece yesterday. She received it just in time before going to work and she said it’s the best present a vegan could get!
Rita, Brighton East, 3/12/20

 Hi Shell and Kelly, Thank you for this new system. It’s good to have a more accurate picture of when food is arriving, especially in the warmer weather. And the reminder that it has been delivered is just the prompt I need to ask someone in the family, or a kind neighbour, to bring it inside. Thanks for all your great work.
Christine, Glen Waverley, 2/12/20

 Thank you for the amaranth recipe! I bought a bunch the other day because it looked so pretty but no idea what to do with it until now!
Amy, Yarraville, 28/11/20

 Thank you so much for your help. Also, just want to say how easy it is to contact Fair Food with this live chat function – so thank you!
Rachael, Wantirna South, 25/11/20

 As for the bananas, fantastic this week give me all the wonky stuff as long as its ripe!
Gavin, Mount Waverley, 7/11/20

 Hi folks, just coming online to say hello and hope you’re all doing well under the new relaxed restrictions. Many thanks for all your help during these last months. They’ve been tough but it’s been so helpful to have Fair Food to take care of our fruit & veg. All the best, Jenna (on behalf of the folks at Clare Lane).
Jenna, Kensington, 4/11/20

 Thank you again for your help. We have had years and years of wonderful food from CERES – and I have had so much help with late orders as I struggled to juggle kids and work. I should have sent a thank you for that a long time ago too.
Farlie, Hampton, 2/11/20

 Thank you for everything you do! We love our food boxes, and getting your newsletters.
Pete, Pascoe Vale South, 2/11/20

 You legend, so easy so quick, thank you!
Kate, Brunswick East, 29/10/20

 Hi Kelly, Thanks so much, that was a super quick response. No need to apologise. It’s such a good system and you have totally rocked this whole year amongst all the bulls*&t. Thank you!
Laura, Northcote, 29/10/20

 Hi Steph, Thank you for your prompt reply and the store credit. CERES has been such a life saver this year – so a big thank you to you and the team! Have a wonderful rest of your week.
Rosalie, Northcote, 28/10/20

 Hi Kelly. Thanks you for the SMS notification re delivery of fridge items between 10am-12pm today. The quality of the fresh produce received yesterday is astounding! Thanks again for helping to set up the account we are so pleased to have such fresh fruit and veggies from Ceres!
Gig, Burwood, 28/10/20

 We are loving the CERES food we’ve been ordering &; thanks for the great service.
Jane, Croydon North, 27/10/20

 What a lovely surprise – thank you for this. Looking forward to this week’s beautiful produce. Have a great long weekend too!
Christine, 23/10/20

 The best thing to come out of COVID!
Madeline, 19/10/20

 Thank you for your prompt response. Your care & professionalism is greatly appreciated. Have a lovely day.
Greensborough, 19/10/20

 A huge thank you for the reliable delicious deliveries all the way through this pandemic. Amazing.
Lynn, Preston, 19/10/20

 Hi CERES family, I just wanted to say thank you for the bag of extra snow-peas in my order yesterday. We greatly appreciate the fresh produce, the prompt communication, well packed box and friendly delivery people. Have a great weekend.
Sotiria, Greensborough, 26/09/20

 I also wanted to pass on how continually impressed we are by the quality of fruit and veg supplied by CERES. Apart from the strawberries that obviously need to be eaten quickly, we’ve at times forgotten a vegetable in the fridge and found it, still looking good, and tasting good, up to three weeks later!
Jenny, Hadfield, 22/09/20

 YES! Thank you. We’re loving the fruit and veggies – very fresh and delicious. The bread is also a winner but we haven’t tried our new butter yet. Big tick from us!
Karyn, Heidelberg

 Thanks for that, All good! Yep I love the boxes, everything has been so tasty! Even better- the bonus of squishing the cherry tomatoes to plant the seeds, sprouting the Bok Choi and planting it out… I think the cabbage might even take off! I’m especially grateful that you deliver all the way to me! Thanks 🙂
Louise, Taylor Lakes

 I wanted to say thanks for my recent delivery of amazing food! And for your heartfelt customer service.
Anthea, Doncaster, 12/10/20

 Good morning guys. Hope you’re all well. Just wanted to mention the peas last week all had caterpillars in them. My kids actually loved it and have adopted them as pets…they are feeding them up hoping they will turn into butterflies! I just ordered them again so hopefully no more pets this week 😉 Thanks!
Cara, Middle Park, 01/10/20

 No worries! As always, I love it when the fruit and veggies arrive like they have grown – imperfect!
Hannah, Elsternwick, 16/10/20

 Absolutely amazing and delicious!!
Gabriella, Templestowe, 14/10/20

 Not sure I have said thank you for this – it is a great service and really pleasing to be reducing the waste (with milk in glass).
Mark, Camberwell 15/10/20

 Thanks for the tips re ripening bananas. The asparagus looks very good, as do the beans. We are in for a treat this week.

 I love the order thank you so much guys and thank you for the recipes!!! Much appreciated x
Donna, Caroline Springs, 16/10/20

 I thought that was a lot of potatoes, thanks so much! They will be put to very good use, we’re already planning a curry. Thanks also for getting in touch, awesome work all round.
Jode, Fitzroy North, 01/10/20

 Loving your products; I’ve never eaten so well since buying your boxes! Keep up the awesome work!
Mark, Carlton, 01/10/20

 I will definitely miss my weekly deliveries. You guys are the best around! Take care.
Sarah, Mill Park 28/09/20

 Hi CERES Crew, Just wanted to say a huge thank-you to your team and delivery drivers for the amazing work over the past few months. My New Years resolution this year was to order our fruit and veg from your organisation and it’s been the easiest New Years resolution I’ve ever had (and stuck to!). A big part of that is due to the politeness & friendliness of every one of your drivers (massive legends!) and your packing teams who have never failed to give us a wonderful selection. The happy cooking texts are also very cute! The excitement of receiving orders from you during this lockdown has been the most consistent positive of my weeks and not being able to properly express our gratitude through our intercom on delivery has made things a bit sad. So I just wanted to send a little love and say thank-you to all for all your amazing hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed. We absolutely love Fair Food. Thanks again from some of your fans.
Francesca and Greg, Coburg, 25/09/20

 Thank you so much for following up with my email and being so kind to explain everything in detail, I really appreciate it and feel cared for.
Steph, Maidstone, 21/09/20

  I just received my weekly delivery of amazing things. When I opened the box, I noticed this message on my potatoes bag. It put a smile on my face. May you enjoy your day too!
Rita, Brighton East 22/09/20

  Thanks for your wonderful service! The weekly emails especially make us feel like we’re part of a special community, which is so very needed this year.
Rebecca, Eaglemont 21/09/20

 I am overjoyed with my CERES delivery. It was timely and arrived intact. Abundant, fresh organic produce-such a generous allotment of each fruit/veg and so far delicious! Thanks for taking the time and care to ensure this was the case.
Ruthie, Eltham 21/09/20

 Thanks for the tips! I didn’t know apples, pears and tomatoes helped ripen bananas – I only knew about avocados. I can also safely say is the first time I’ve been emailed about bananas. What a delight!
Claire, 18/09/20

 Thanks to you and the Fair Food team for all your hard work over the lockdown – it’s been so great to still have access to your wonderful service and products 🙂
Shanti, Brunswick East 16/09/20

 Thankyou so much for replying and the explanation. Still very happy with the flavoursome produce. Great quality that lasts me nearly two weeks, not like the supermarket produce that goes off the next day. Keep well you guys. Sending kindness your way.
Viv, Williamstown 16/09/20

 Thank you all so much for my 1st vegetable box! Delicious!
Mia, Brunswick 12/09/20

 Much appreciated, thanks for letting me know and including another dozen instead. Love your work!
Emily, Reservoir

 Thank you incredibly! This was my first organic fruit and veg box experience and can I just say, never has a carrot been so crisp! I am a converted Ceres consumer for life!
Jayden, Richmond

 Hi, it is awesome. My 19 year old is snacking on the green beans… so lovely he has not done this since he was little and we then lived bush. The potatoes we cooked last night… fluffy yummy and full of flavour and no left overs. Yummy… Thank you. I think is going to be a highlight of our week going forward receiving our box of yumminess.
Davina, Seddon

 Thank you so much for the wonderful work and your guys box is my joy during this lockdown. Whenever I open the box, I feel like I’m opening Christmas present! Thank you!
Miyuki, North Melbourne

  I love being able to buy milk in glass from you!
Gweneth, Fitzroy North 05/09/20

 Thank you so much Shell for following up so promptly! You really do provide an excellent service 🙂
Katherine, Southbank

 We are loving the deliveries we receive each week. Big hugs to all of you for such awesome work you are doing.
Kim, Park Orchards

 We are so grateful for the service Ceres Fair Food offers and love having our weekly boxes of beautiful high quality food arrive.
Louise, Kew

 Just want to say a big thank you for the Fair Food deliveries… everything’s always great quality, thoughtfully packed and an all-round happy experience. I’m so impressed at how you all work to make things better… eg. can’t take the cardboard boxes back because of COVID? Develop a UV-sanitising machine, of course. You’re an inspiring bunch.
Kate, Macleod

 We are just loving shopping with you guys!
Jenny Simonovska, Viewbank

 Thanks! Everything was wonderful!! Will be using you weekly from now on, even after all of the crazy, such a time saver
Melanie, Manor Lakes

 Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Your service is fabulous.
Suzy, Parkville

 Hi guys, I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything. For supplying organic and local food but also for being so reliable and kind. I had to spend the last few weeks in the city while my house was undergoing emergency repairs and it was all a bit scary. It was seriously so amazing that I could still get my box. And thanks to Oliver who delivered it and stood waiting for me to come down and pick it up. I’m glad you’re all here. Stay safe and well and big love.
Steph, Carlton North

 Thanks CERES – this package was for my mum’s 80th birthday, and she was absolutely thrilled to receive it!!! I hope CERES keeps on trucking through the pandemic – we look forward to visiting when we can xx
Lisa, Glen Waverley

 I am so glad I found you guys, we are so happy with the orders we have received.
Taylors Lakes

 It’s Monday morning and you’ve already made me teary eyed (was it your newsletter, Nola’s amazing work, the Ceres Fair Food team, or just being at the half way mark of Stage 4 restrictions?). I’ve never met you or spoke to you but just wanted to say thanks for your newsletters and for all the work you do. I loved reading your Nola’s human infrastructure story … for many reasons. Keep up the good work.

 Just got my first box and I love it!  The box had barely got in my front door and I was already halfway through an apple!  Fantastic quality and variety.  Can’t wait to share with everyone.  Thank you!

 I appreciate what you do very much, there is something so innately wonderful about unpacking the best seasonal local organic produce, supporting producers doing things right and being part of a movement creating a better way of life. What you do is central to all of that and I am grateful to be part of it.  Have a great weekend.

 The veggie box was the best freaking thing.  It is so packed full of goodness and has made me so happy . Thank you, team

 I wanted to thank you for the amazing service you guys provide.  As someone who works mad hours you are now even better at being my one-stop-shop to healthy eating and living.  My food host and their family is lovely and every home delivery driver I’ve happened across has been so smiley and friendly.  Thanks!

 Absolutely amazing. Great variety and quality.  Never buying fresh produce from the supermarket again!

 Highly recommended. The fresh veggies and fruit quality is exceptional. The fridge and fruit bowl are awash with colourful and fresh produce. The delivery turn around time is excellent. The website is great to use. Very happy family here.

 Hi! Just a quick note to tell you that I love your delivery people. Consistently good folk!

 Have been with you guys for more than 5 years. Can’t imagine life without CERES.  It’s the details that count and that’s exactly what you guys are about!

 Shout out to @ceresfairfood and their weekly veggie box delivery!  I’m such a fan of these guys.  Everything about them just makes my heart feel good.  Organic or locally sourced, supporting small businesses, producers and farmers, and providing employment to those who need it most.  The weeks I get a box are the greatest weeks. 

So thank y’all for your continued efforts at educating us, and giving us an alternative to single use everyday items.  I love being part of such an awesome community that cares about us AND our precious earth.

 The boring weekly shop has never felt so good!  Well done CERES!

Dear Fair Food team,
I just wanted to write and say, thank you for your wonderful service and produce. I recently started purchasing from CERES after a few other failed organic delivery attempts, and I will never look back.  I appreciate everything that you do, for my family, for the farmers and for the environment. Keep up the AMAZING work.

 Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your fantastic service!

 I only joined CERES towards the end of last year and it is now another source of joy in my life. Thank you for all you do and the way that you do it.

 I’ve been using Fair Food for close to 5 years and can’t shop any other way now.  I love opening the box each week to find a huge variety of fresh, beautiful veges (seriously I must be getting the brightest and biggest of the lot).  My go-to is the vege-only box and its the best value organic I have come across, far better than picking through the pricy scraps at some organic stores… and if ever I have a query there is a friendly problem-solver only a phone call away.  Thank you, thank you for all you do!

 Fantastic Service.  Weekly delivery of fresh, organic fruit and veg.  We get the medium box of mixed fruit and veg and it feeds a family of 5 for the week.  I love this!!!!

 Just wanted to say thank you. I think what you guys do, what you are about is very important and gives me hope and makes me feel like I am not alone and feel connected to like minded people. Thanks a million!

 The best.  So fresh and such good value!

 Highly recommend.  Just received my organic food box and cannot rave enough.  Delivered safely by a friendly driver and you can tell it is 100% organic, fresh and handled with care.  Thank you.

 Love your work, keep going! Best fruit and veg going round.

 I also wanted to thank you and your delivery guys for fabulous service and incredible produce.  We had a baby in June and not only have your food orders allowed me to stay indoors during the winter and in the weeks after birth but your deliverers have walked our orders up three flights of stairs each week with no complaints whatsoever – actually always with a happy smile for Sid and I. It’s a wonderful service you offer and we’ve been happy customers for many years.  Thanks so so much!

 I picked up my first food box from my food host yesterday.  What a pleasure.  The produce is excellent and my son is loving the “mini things”… his term for plums.  We are happy customers!

 I was so happy when I received my box yesterday, it was was beyond expectations!  I do travel A LOT for work so it’s great that I can place orders so easy and have them delivered so quick!!  Thanks again and keep up the good work!

 The best quality and service.  Brilliant, so glad I found you guys.