Fair Wood wins Darebin Pitch IT / How do feel about pet food?

CERES Fair Wood

CERES Fair Wood wins Darebin Pitch-IT  Thursday was a big night for CERES’ newest social enterprise Fair Wood – our name got called out and now we are extremely grateful recipients of $20,000 in start-up funding from Darebin Council and Melbourne Innovation Centre’s Darebin Pitch-It Competition It’s been a big learning curve ever since architect Paul Haar, the […]

Is this what we’re doing now? / And when she whispered dandelions…..

Is this what we’re doing now? Iva from The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Bank called the other day – they need our help.  So many more people are coming every week to the ASRC Food Bank for meals and groceries that they’re running out of food regularly. You might remember last year the government changed the rules […]

Tentatively & with trepidation here we go… / A new Good Gut Box?

Tentatively & with trepidation here we go…. Sometime after lunchtime on Monday, that’s tomorrow, the wonderful coding crew at the Open Food Network will flick the “on” switch to our new mobile-friendly webshop. The great thing about the new shop is that it works particularly well on mobiles and tablets – so no more fumbling around clicking the wrong thing and pushing and […]

With One Bean / The importance of getting to know sunflowers

With One Bean I didn’t know that it’s faster to take a plane from Darwin to Dili than it is to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. However, standard of living-wise, education-wise, just about everything-else-wise between our countries is as about far apart as you could imagine.   It’s easy to forget that less than 20 […]

The Regathering / Holiday Provisioning Strategies

Winter solstice at CERES

The Regathering In the beginning, or as far back as we can fathom, a functioning hunter-gatherer unit consisted of around 30-50 highly interdependent people with an intimate material and spiritual relationship with the plants and animals in the waters and landscape they came from. Today the smallest functioning post-industrial human family unit is one person […]

The Retelling / Honouring Nirma

Plastic Free sustainable living

The Retelling Over the last seven years Plastic Free July’s were largely the unfashionable provenance of a few well-meaning but deeply suspect folk likely to ride bamboo framed bicycles or be the evangelistic owners of a home biodigester.  This Plastic Free July, however, has been unlike any other; since ABC’s War on Waste, the supermarket plastic bag bans and the […]