The following public holidays will affect deliveries

Australia Day – Thurs 26th Jan – NO DELIVERIES
Melbourne Cup – Tues 6th Nov – DELIVERY DATE CHANGED TO WEDS 7th

Christmas – Tues 25th & Thurs 27th Dec – NO DELIVERIES

New Year’s Day 2013 – Tues 1st Jan – NO DELIVERIES

You have three options if you’d like to continue receiving awesome, affordable, eco-friendly fruit and vegetable deliveries:

a) Change to an alternate Host before the cut off day for THAT delivery week  and change it back BEFORE the cut off day of the following week (Sundays @ midnight for Tuesday deliveries & Tuesday @ midnight for Thursdays).

You can change your Food Host on your account profile page:

b) Make arrangements to buy in person from the CERES Shop & Market that week. Visit for location details, opening hours and special market day events.

c) Go dumpster diving with alley cats!

Questions & Answers

What happens when you change my Food Host’s delivery day (i.e. for Melbourne Cup)?
No need to change your host if you are happy to pick your order up on the alternative delivery day. The day change happens automatically from our end. Order as per usual if you can pick up on the Weds.
If you cannot pick up on the Weds nor change to a Thurs host, cancel & recreate order for the following week.

What happens if I can’t change Host?
If you don’t change Food Host, our system will automatically cancel any outstanding orders.

What happens if I’ve paid in advance for orders?
Can’t change Food Host but have paid for orders in advance? There’s no need to do anything. That weeks’ order will be automatically cancelled and your account credited for future purchases.

What about standing/repeating orders?
Standing orders will resume the following week when the Food Host reopens.



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