This week as we roll out 5 day a week home delivery Jesse Hull, Fair Food’s logistics manager, will have be busy organising vans and trucks to head out across Melbourne with grocery orders on board (that’s Jesse above with fair trade coffee and tea supplier, Fiona from Tradewinds).  

Five Day Home Delivery is the second of two big changes we’re introducing this month. Last week we turned on next day delivery.  Together they sort of change everything.

This means from now on you can get groceries home delivered any day from Monday to Friday and you have up until midday the day before to order them. 

It also means you can do a main shop one day and get a top-up order through the week.

You can even swap between or combine your regular Food Host delivery and a Home Delivery in the same week. 

Five day delivery applies to most Melbourne suburbs – check here to see if your postcode is covered.

With the increase in delivery days we’re also introducing a $30 minimum order.

And for now our Food Host will still get their usual once a week deliveries .    

If you have any questions or comments about Five Day Home or Next Day Delivery  or notice something NQR (there’s always little glitches) – send us an email or call on 8673 6288.

CERES Aquaponics farm for sale

Next month CERES Fair Food moves to a new warehouse in Preston.  But try as we might we haven’t been able to squeeze our aquaponics farm into our much smaller new car park.

And rather than pack it away we’d love to see the system carry on as a productive farm, so we’ve decided to put the system up for sale.

Built six years ago by CERES visionary Steven Mushin and aquaponics pioneer Dr Wilson Lennard the 120 square metre system grows around 4000 bunches of herbs like basil or coriander and up to 400 rainbow trout or native silver perch at a time.

Steve and Wilson designed the system with environment and utility in mind – solar panels coupled with highly efficient pumps make it energy self-sufficient.  Gutters on the poly tunnel and two rain tanks make it self-sufficient in water.  There are clever back-up systems to protect plants and fish and being aquaponic – means never having to pull another weed again.

If you’d like to know more or come and have a look email Chris for details.

Have a great week



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