Behind the scenes of Beetroot & Parsnip Fortnight

The other day Kane Busch called from his family’s farm near Bairnsdale on the banks of the Mitchell River.

“We’ve got a lot of beetroot and parsnips, could you help us out?”
“I reckon we could do something. How much do you have?”
“A lot.”
“Well….we could make it beetroot and parsnip fortnight.”
“Sounds good.”
“Okay then.”

And so the wheels of commerce turn, and for the following two weeks Kane will deliver his beets and parsnips.  We’ll talk recipes for borscht, parsnip chips and beetroot salad and there’ll be beetroot & parsnips in set boxes and on special. And instead of being ploughed back into the ground a surplus of vegetables will find its way onto our plates. Such is the way of a working food system.

BTW Fair Food is closed for Queen’s Birthday so NO DELIVERIES THIS MONDAY

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