So last week out of the Fair Food Zeitgeist the idea of a crowdsaucing day emerged. In the days following 146 of you emailed to say something along the lines of, I’ve been thinking the same thing and I’m in.  Now ours is not to question why we are suddenly and inexplicably drawn to sauce together, ours is to get the tomatoes grown and delivered in a timely fashion so we may fulfil this saucy calling come next April.

Okay, one step back, for those who didn’t see last week’s newsletter – crowdsaucing is a tomato saucing day in your neighbourhood – where Fair Food organises saucing tomatoes grown by a local organic farmer to be delivered to you and a few friends or you and a few strangers or a combination of the two together at a kitchen local to you.  Where, with instruction and guidance, you sauce and bottle some of the tomatoes that you’d otherwise be importing in cans. And then you take the sauce home and make pastas or other tomato based dishes at your leisure.  You can read last week’s call-out here.

Anyway, to do this we need to get organised – Monique Miller, Fair Food’s Food Host co-ordinator, has jumped at the chance to ride this growing passata groundswell and needs your help;

First, if you haven’t already, let us know if you or your group are interested in making sauce in a crowd (a small crowd).

Second, we’d like to make use of existing local knowledge.  So let us know if you or anyone you know are skilled in tomato saucing and might be willing to lead a crowdsaucing? (Note you aren’t allowed to hit fellow saucers with a wooden spoon or get all Marco Pierre WhIte when you put your apron on).

Third, we’re looking for kitchens to sauce in.  So let us know if you have a suitable kitchen (read large) you can offer or know of a kitchen in your community that might be suitable – eg at a school, a hall or club.

Email Monique with your details and any feedback, thoughts, saucing suggestions from your own Zeitgeist here.



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