If you’re like me over the past couple of weeks you may have felt the mysterious vibrations coming from Koo Wee Rup as an unstoppable subterranean army of asparagus spears erupted from the dark swampland soils seeking the warmth of the spring sunlight.


Well asparagus farmer Maurie Cafra’s pickers have been harvesting and bunches of  this fastest growing of all vegetables will find their way into Gourmet Mixed Boxes and the Fruit and Veg Extras Section of the webstore.  There’s a limited amount this week so be quick and if you miss out don’t worry there’ll be plenty more asparagus to come.



Alicia is a seeker – last year she left her job at Fair Food and made her way around the world – she got bored pretty quickly of lying on beaches and started looking for places where she could be useful.  We got her emails as she wwoofed at a mindfulness retreat for heroin addicts, helped out at a kids home in Guatemala and worked for a salt dealer in Northern Thailand getting paid in salt products and a free bike.

Now Alicia is back at Fair Food and we’re using her special seeking skills to make our webstore amazing.   To do this Alicia needs your help.  She wants you to tell us all the things you’d love to see on our webshelves and how you’d like to buy them.   Whether it’s something you can’t find anywhere else, is gluten free yet tasty, an old favourite or a product you’d like by the box, bucket or bag, we want to know so we can put it in the store.  Email your suggestions to Alicia at ceresfairfood@gmail.com and she’ll get seeking.

ORDER DEADLINES – Tuesday and Thursday deliveries the order deadline is Sunday midnight. For Thursday deliveries the order deadline is Tuesday midnight.


Happy asparagussing!



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