We’ve been getting so many happy emails from you about cherries in your boxes that Josh, Fair Food’s produce buyer, has got more coming again in this week (see what’s in your box this week).  As a man used to buying things by the pallet load it’s second nature for Josh to grab a box of fruit and split it amongst family and friends.  Josh is one of our biggest advocates for buying in bulk; it’s cheaper, it saves on packaging and it brings his people together.  In this spirit Josh has put 5kg boxes of Martin cherries up on the webshop to share (or not) with your peeps and save as a bit of money as well.  In fact you can buy most things from us in bulk quantities whether it’s a box of cherries or a 25kg bag of basmati and you’ll save around 20%.In other produce news  – Josh says everything is getting cheaper and that peach prices came down by about 30% this week. This week the Gourmet Box will feature our old friend Joe’s Sgro’s rhubarb. His Nicola, Dutch Cream, Bison Midnight Blue spuds are due around Christmas time. Local tomatoes are so close you can almost smell them and eggplants are not far behind.

Our East Gippsland farmer Kane Busch says he’ll be coming into town with his corn in January and he’s already sending in broccoli and beets.  Zucchinis are in full swing over at the Heppell’s Cockatoo farm.
Berries are late this season but pretty soon blueberries will come on strong.
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