Over wasting food from your Fair Food box? Build your own box in the Extra Fruit & Veg Section!

I often speak to past Fair Food customers who tell me about their experiences buying a set box each week and having either a crisper full of cauliflower, or a cupboard full of onions they could never get through. They tell me about how often their box didn’t match up with their eating patterns and how they’d feel bad about wasting food at the end of the week.

Usually it meant they’d give up on the set box and go back to shopping at a market or shop. Last year, after lots of your feedback, we put everything that you could get in a Fair Food set box, as well as stacks of other goodies, into the Extra Fruit and Veg section of the webshop.  Since then a growing number of Fair Food members are choosing the produce they want for the week, just like they would at a shop, only they still get to stay with their neighbourhood Food Host, or keep the joys of home delivery.

It was Fair Food members’ feedback that got “build your own box” going, and it also led us to introduce our carbon neutral home delivery service. We’re always looking to fix the things that bug you and for ideas about how Fair Food can get better.  So don’t hold back; be honest, be brutal, we can take it and we know it’ll make our relationship stronger in the long run.

Send your robust feedback to – info@ceresfairfood.org.au.

Orders for Tuesday and Wednesday the cut-off is Sunday midnight (that’s tonight!)

Orders for Thursday delivery the cut-off is Tuesday midnight.


Have a great week.


Chris Ennis

General Manager

CERES Fair Food


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