CERES School of Nature and Climate
Head, hands, heart

Over the last forty years 1.7 million students have come to CERES to learn about the place we live in and how we can care for her.

Just as importantly through these four decades CERES has provided training as well as the courage for classroom teachers to connect their kids to the Earth back at school.

Coming to CERES is like a rite of passage –underpinning every lesson is our mission to help people fall in love with the Earth.

Last year 55,000 kids and teachers missed their chance to make that heart connection at CERES.

Next week kids and teachers are going back to school and we’re asking for your help to bring them back to CERES as well.

This year CERES’ School of Nature and Climate, lead by Australian Environmental Educator of the Year, Lorna Pettifer, will have been helping create connected, environmentally active citizens for four decades.

Lorna sums up her school in three words, head, hands, heart.

And then, in her educators way, expands – explaining how her team introduces insightful content to people’s hearts, shares knowledge to empower minds and teaches practical skills for eager hands.

“Young people around the world are rising, and we want to equip them with all the tools they need to face this climate and ecological crisis.”

The Back to School Campaign is about rebooting this rite of passage and providing safer, more accessible spaces for kids and teachers.

You can find the Back-to-School campaign here.

Thanisa Adams, Wattle Gully Farm
No accident

Shelves are looking pretty bare at some of the big supermarkets and you might have noticed a few out of stock items at Fair Food over the last couple weeks.

Some of our farmers, suppliers and truckies have been hit by Omicron – last week one salad and herb grower had 70 out of 80 staff isolating – which btw, is why there wasn’t any baby spinach.

But when I talk to Fair Food’s produce buyer, Joshua Arzt, he’s feeling good – apart from a few lines he says there’s plenty of fruit and vegetables.

This, however, is no accident.

For years Joshua’s been buying from an ever-widening group of farmers, seeking out young growers and sticking with them through the seasons.

To Joshua, who has been a produce buyer for 33 years, these relationships are akin to knowing your neighbours – when things go South, like they are now, you’re there for each other.

Have a safe week and thanks for all the good wishes, we’re back to full health and delivering as usual – including the January 26th public holiday. 



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