Packaging is such a vexed issue, we struggle with it at Fair Food all the time.  Last Monday ecostore took a big packaging leap forward replacing their plastic bottles with bottles made from sugar cane.  The bottles don’t breakdown but are made to be recycled with regular plastics so the material can be reused again and again. This project, the brainchild of ecostorefounder Malcolm Rands, is aimed at reducing ecostore’s climate footprint. Over the next couple of months you’ll start to see the new sugar cane bottles appear as old stock is cleared.

Now Fair Food loves a two pronged approach to problems and another way you can save on your total packaging is to buy in bulk.  To this end we have been bugging ecostore to send us bulk versions of their products (ecostore are working to make these packs from sugar cane as well). They’ve just arrived at the the warehouse in time to celebrate the sugar cane bottle launch and are another way to reduce your own climate footprint.  We currently have the products in stock;5 litre ecostore Lemon Dish Washing Liquid
5 litre ecostore Laundry Liquid
4.5 kilo ecostore Top & Front Loader Original Lemon Laundry Powder
5 litre ecostore Lemon Fabric Softener

You can find all these products in the ecostore section of the webshop

BTW ecostore are supporting education programs at CERES by donating soaps and cleaning products to help keep our visitors, staff and buildings clean and chemical free.



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