Do You Really, Really Love Your Fruit and Veg? Fair Food Bulks Up, Literally.

At Fair Food, there is a member who buys lots of bananas, more than a box every week. It reminded me of when we were kids; every few weeks we’d pile into Mum’s red Morris 1300 and drive to a nearby orchard to buy a crate of apples, usually galas or golden dels or grannies if it was late in the season. The crate lived in a cupboard under the sink and after school, if we were ever hungry, Mum would tell us to “eat an apple!” We were always hungry and we ate lots of apples.

So I got thinking; if we did it with apples and the banana guy buys his bananas by the box, then surely there must be others out there like us – and if there are, we should be there for those people, and make it easy and cheap to buy in bulk. And that’s what we’ve done with pretty much everything that comes to us in a box or a bag – from bulk beets and bags of onions to 10kg boxes of kiwi and cartons of mandarins. They’re all up now in the Extra Fruit and Veg section of the webshop.

We’re also working on our dry goods and fridge products as well – so look out over the next few weeks for bulk action there too.

Why bulk you ask? That is a great question. It’s good for members and Fair Food because we both save money – you save about 20% on regular prices, and Fair Food saves time splitting that bag of spuds etc into a whole lot of small orders. It also means less packaging and less wastage from over-handling. So if you ever yearned for your very own tray of avocados or box of purple carrots – stop dreaming, your time is now.

Low-Key Joe Brings His Broccoli to Town

Last week Kane Busch from Busch Organics called the end of his winter veg season, while this week, for Mornington Organics’ Joe Valente, it’s just the beginning. Joe, who grows broccoli, corn, lettuce and tomatoes, is bringing his first load of broccoli for the season into market tomorrow.

Joe shares a stand at Melbourne Wholesale Markets with Joe Sgro from Foothill Organics and the two couldn’t be more different. While Joe Sgro is the natural front man with a story, a joke and a forthright opinion for everybody who comes by, Joe Valente is a man-of-few-words in the background, quietly delivering the orders on his forklift. Joe is low key, very low key, and if you’re lucky enough to see him crack a smile, you know it’s a special day. Joe’s broccoli will appear in most boxes and in the Extra Fruit and Veg section.

And of course, your order deadlines for this week are as usual – for Tuesday & Wednesday deliveries the cut off is midnight Sunday – that’s tonight.

And for Thursday deliveries the cut off is Tuesday midnight.

Have a great week.



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