Just this afternoon at about 5pm, after two and a half epic days, we finished shifting Fair Food to its new warehouse in Preston – (that’s the last of us putting the finishing touches on the packing line).  

And when I say finished I use the term loosely – there are so many “mystery boxes” in the office waiting to be unpacked.  

And after two days of packing and cleaning and unpacking and hoping the internet will be connected and what about all that leftover plywood and cement sheeting the builders said would come in handy when we first moved in –  it’s good to step back and remind ourselves why we’re doing this – why we work with food.  

Over breakfast this morning I got my reminder watching Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown video; the one where he lists a sort of Hot 100 of totally doable things that humanity already have totally down that we could use to  roll back global warming within thirty years.

And Hawken made the point that eight of the top twenty solutions to reversing climate change were food related – the most of any one area.  And that was good enough to get me back to the old warehouse for the final two truckloads and to honestly confront all those forgotten weird dusty and completely useless things that I’ve slipped into corners, bottom drawers and behind cupboards “for later” all these years. 

In case  you’re curious here are those eight food solutions (there’s a lot more through the whole 100)

3. Reducing food waste 

4. Eating a plant-rich diet

9.  Silvopasture

11. Regenerative Agriculture

14. Tropical staple tree crops

16. Conservation agriculture

17. Tree intercropping

19. Managed grazing

And btw Mathees (that’s him up there on the left) says with the new moon coming in now it’s an auspicious time to move a business.  He’s backing his call by buying the first fruit and veg box that comes of the line tomorrow. 



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