Pink Bag is going and we need some help.  Pink Bag is Universal Village’s Fairtrade coffee beans which you might know better as Rhino Coffee – it’s packed in bright pink packaging, hence various expressions commonly heard at the Fair Food warehouse such as “Do you want a Pink Bag?” or “There’s a fresh pot of Pink Bag.”  Anyway, Universal Village is no longer making Pink Bag which has put us in a bit of a spin and in pretty bad need of some good Fairtrade organic coffee.

I’ve been on the Fairtrade coffee hunt so I got curious about what Fairtrade actually is because I always assumed Fairtrade was good because it’s called Fairtrade right?  And therefore, it must be.  Well I had a look around and it’s not as straightforward as that, in fact, Fairtrade is sort of a fascinating reflection of us all really; a study in light, dark and various shades of grey.



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