If Keanu Reeve’s Neo was The One who intuitively knows The Matrix then Noleen Glavish is The One who truly knows pumpkins.  After a career as a publisher Noleen has found her calling in the hills around Buxton as a grower.  Each Monday Noleen rolls up in her Landcruiser and pulls out boxes of some of the best looking fruit and vegetables I’ve ever seen.  Her purple garlic is something to behold.  This week Noleen dropped off this year’s instalment of her wonderful heirloom pumpkins  (which you can find in the webshop).  And with a typically casual, “I don’t know what you might do with it, but I’ve got something for you” she presented the giant boston marrow you see Fair Food driver, Hamid, embracing above.  We’ve made a shrine to it on the lunch table and are wondering what we can do to do justice to this gorgeous gourd.I get a kick out of writing out all of Noleen’s pumpkin varieties  Such ebullient names, this list could be a poem or a song,
Baby Blue
Thelma Sanders Squash
Red Kuri
Golden Nugget
Whangaparoa Crown
Marina di Chioggia
Burgess Buttercup
Black Futsu
Blue Hubbard
Sweet Dumpling
Boston Marrow
Lockyer Gold
Green Hubbard
Golden Acorn
Fordhook Acorn
BushfireCut them open and these pumpkins are often yellow or even light brown so don’t be surprised if it’s not the customary bright orange you were expecting.  This is how they are meant to be, says Noleen and after all she should know – she is The One.


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