This week on our Facebook feed you might have seen Lily D’Ambrosio, state minister for energy, environment and climate change, drop by the Fair Food warehouse to announce a Sustainability Victoria hybrid grant/loan for three projects;
–    building a vertical microgreens teaching farm
–    recycling a cool room destined for landfill from our previous warehouse
–    creating a mobile app and continuing to make our webshop more and more usable.
It was a big day and a big contribution but it’s also just one more step in Fair Food’s continuing evolution.  Lately that’s involved introducing home compostable cellulose packaging  (read more below) and turning on the new 80kwh solar array that made us a carbon positive warehouse (see some exciting video footage here). The next energy/waste shifts will be electric delivery vehicles and building a commercial kitchen to cook onsite and minimise food waste.
Now these are all awesome things but as great as vertical farms and solar power are, the most powerful force for change, as permaculture co-founder David Holmgren always points out, is us.  And for me the most exciting thing on the Fair Food agenda is exploring how we can do more food system good working together.
This year my question is, can we go deeper than grocery pick-ups on shared verandas?  Can we work out ways to buy food together that not only reduces our carbon & plastic pollution but grows tight, resourceful, caring neighbourhoods? I don’t know what this looks like exactly, I just know it’s got to be fun & warm, it’s got to save money and it’s got to be the opposite of a “Oh no, I can’t come out, I’ve got my weekly olive oil distribution committee meeting again” scenario.  
Thoughts/feelings – send me an email….

Compostable salad bags/Labour Day hours

We’ve been putting our heat sealer to good use lately! You may have noticed our leafy greens like loose rocket, spinach and salad mixes are now going out in home-compostable eco-cellophane bags just like our smaller pre-packed items like nuts and seeds. Another step towards reducing our plastic use 🙂
Now the thing we’ve found with these bags is they breathe more than plastic and behave more like paper, so to maintain freshness the best thing to do once you get them home is put your greens in a Tupperware or glass container or something like a swag bag.
Lots of “compostable bags” are made to be composted in commercial hot composting facilities where the temps get over 60˚C these ones are designed to breakdown in your average backyard home composter.

We’re closed Labour Weekend Monday
We’re closed next Labour day Monday, but if you stock up for the long weekend with a Friday delivery you’ll find a free treat from our Super Indulgent section slipped into your box.
Have a great week.



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