Footy finals time – so much energy directed into fewer and fewer teams until there becomes such a burning hot focus on two groups of young men, so supremely blessed with foot skills and enviable strength through the hips, that Melbourne seems absolutely fit to burst. And then suddenly, it’s all over and the strong hipped young men fly off to all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffets in Las Vegas and Lembongan and there’s this sort of pause. And for just a fleeting melancholy moment, for a briefly opened dirty dressing room window in time, this subtle shift in the sporting breeze occurs and people collectively wonder, “Football– what’s it all about?”

And while most people are experiencing this time of year through the pragmatic prism of points for and against, there are still others who look at September through the lens of the great food continuum. Where on grand final day some see a team running through a cheer squad banner, others view it “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” style as the great transition from the season of slow cooked stews to the season of summer snacks. Where we mystically morph from the brown rice and rutabaga hotpot to the bag of corn chips and hand-hewn hummus. Where the irresistible timing and form of asparagus seems seasonally inspired; so impossibly perfect for grilling, dousing in salt & balsamic vinegar and devouring with fingers that it begs the question – maybe there is a God?

So whoever you barrack for, whatever your favourite finals finger food is and whether you look at the MCG as hallowed ground or the perfect spot for a community food forest – have a great week.

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