Being friends with a zucchini or a tomato is easy; they’re great company and can effortlessly slip into so many social situations. But as convivial as they are come winter zucchini, tomato, eggplant, cucumber et al have headed off to farmer’s markets in Provence or Southern Italian harvest festivals leaving us feeling as deflated as a young caravan park kiosk counterhand at the end of a school holiday romance.

We humans are masters at insulating ourselves from discomfort and tend to resist adversity wherever possible. And who doesn’t want a settled life with recycled hardwood kitchen bench tops and reverse-cycle heating and cooling even though we all know it inevitably leads to boredom, stagnation and reading online articles about polyamorous relationships. And as much as we try to resist it deep down we know that we need disruption.  We need it because it brings out our creativity and maybe gets us close to a celeriac we’d never previously considered to be our type of vegetable.

Because more often than not the great things in our world come about through some kind of scarcity or adversity.  Think how the madness of Vincent van Gogh gave us such incredible paintings, how Molly Meldrum’s absence of any self awareness gave us Countdown and how the need to avoid winter starvation in rural Korea gave us kimchi.  Shakespeare summed it up when he almost said, For now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by cabbage, cauliflower, leek, potato, turnip and swede.

Got a spare warehouse?

So Fair Food is looking for a new home – like much of the inner city our warehouse is becoming yet another block of apartments, and as you can see from the pic above we’re also getting a bit tight for space.

We’re looking for a long term lease on a 1000-2500 square metre warehouse (a yard for our aquaponics would be a bonus) and being for food it obviously has to be nice and clean.

So if you have an empty warehouse kicking around the inner-north please get in touch by emailing

Have a great week


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