Hello Vegetable, a lockdown animation by CERES Fair Food

Hello vegetable – come in

Back in September at the height our COVID cabin fever we invited you to photogragh, draw, write or sing about your favourite vegetable.

So many of you responded with pictures, paintings, poems, video and torch songs celebrating your beloved produce.

Gathering the ingredients brilliant animator, Leonie Van Eyk, with the help of composer, Dave Evans, conjured a short film called, Hello Vegetable – which you can find here.

When Hello Vegetable arrived this week I didn’t know what to expect. I pressed play and thought back to those closed-in winter days wondering how this even came about.

I was taken on a galactic journey with sauteed silverbeet, saw sensuousness in dancing dutch carrots and had my whimsical dream of a Michelle Pfeiffer-inspired red cabbage cabaret fulfilled.

And I don’t know if it was the emotion of lockdown lifting but watching an unhusked cob of corn fly like a migratory bird bought a tear to my eye.

And after all this time locked down – seeing that corn bird take to the sky made me understand that just as much as my growling stomach needs feeding so does my heart and mind.

Hello vegetable …

Humankind Film Festival 

This month Fair Food is teaming up with the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Back in May their Humankind Film Fest was, like every other thing, put on hold.  Well it’s finally going ahead online from November 2 – November 8.

Over 7 days, Humankind delivers stories examining and celebrating the highs and lows of our shared human experience – check out the program here

HRAFF are also connecting their hungry watchers with tasty right-on offerings from a great bunch of social enterprises including Dumu Balcony Cafe, Charcoal Lane, Goodwill Wine and we’re in there too.

Pay-it-forward latest

A fortnight ago Fair Food put up a $20 pay-it-forward box to help food security and food waste champions, Open Table, distribute fresh food parcels to people without support on temporary and student visas, pensions.

It’s all been done on the smell of an oily rag.  So much so that Ange, Open Table’s Manager, reported that before pay-it-forward began Open Table’s fresh food budget had almost run out.

So far your pay-it-forward donations have helped Open Table provide over 1000 fresh food parcels.

Ange says the fresh produce distribution days also keep people connected and up to date with COVID-19 information – critical for a community who speak a couple of dozen different languages!

Get involved here…

Have a great week 


PS  In case you missed The Boite online Adapt, Not Cancel gigs they’ve been made available for Fair Food customers until Christmas – click here to collect your free tickets

PPS Yes, we are delivering on Melbourne Cup Tuesday!


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