Hema (that’s her above) is back at Fair Food.  You may remember Hema, she shared Fair Food’s customer service role with Kate. Hema came back last week after being away for 8 months on maternity leave raising her new son, Ivan.
About two years ago Hema was the first person from our asylum seeker and newly arrived worker program to move from the packing line into an office role. Like so many businesses in this country Fair Food employs people who have come to Australia with high-level skills who, for lack of connections, fluent English and recognition of qualifications, have to start their working lives over. It’s the eternal  theme of migration – one generation sacrifices their working lives for ones who follow.  I know this but I can’t help but think how many Fiona Stanley’s, how many Paul Kelly’s, how many Cathy Freeman’s there are cleaning floors in our hospitals or pulling night shifts guarding office buildings.
Hema has an accounting qualification and sees her future in business administration, she’s about as onto it person as you’d see anywhere and everyone loves working with her.   But because Hema speaks English as a second language getting that office job in the outside world just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. We, however, believe in Hema and we’re continuing to give her a go in customer service. We’re continuing tosupport  Hema with training but we’d also like your help and patience.  Hema knows Fair Food’s systems very well but English is another challenge altogether –  so please, when you call be a little patient and help Hema so she can help you.
I’d also like to welcome our latest set box The Big Salad (that’s it up there) which is as it sounds, a box full of salad makings for those who like it raw, crunchy and dressable.  Now I’ve included The Big Salad in the same story as Hema because you may be sensibly using Monday as a bridging day off to get yourself calmly into Australia Day, but like many others, you may have also forgotten to put your Fair Food order in before tonight’s deadline.  If this should occur and you’d like to get the new Big Salad Box or anything else for that matter then email info@ceresfairfood.org.au or call Hema on 8673 6288 and she’ll put things right.
Remember we’re delivering Australia Day Tuesday as normal.


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