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Here we go

On Saturday it was so busy Robyn, Fair Food’s delivery co-ordinator, had to call in some favours to get a couple of extra drivers to come in on their day off.

Through the week our produce buyer, Josh, has been flat out and the packing crew have been putting in long days.

It’s not like March when Woolworths and Coles delivery services melted down and over 3000 new customers joined Fair Food over two wild weeks but it is busy.

Already this coming Monday’s delivery slots are full and Tuesday only has a few slots left.

We’ve called in extra staff and we’re working on adding extra delivery slots.

In the meantime, the best way to make sure you get your groceries when you want them is to order a week or two ahead.

You don’t need to know exactly what you want but as long as you have placed an order you can edit it right up to your delivery day.

This is what I do; I’ve just ordered my groceries for the next six weeks.

– I tick the Recurring Order box on each of my items, this lets me combine all six week’s orders in one transaction.

– At checkout I choose – Pay as you go – means I only pay the day before each delivery is due.

– Before my delivery day I edit my order – I add what we need and delete what we don’t (you can find your upcoming orders by clicking on the “My Orders” tab).

If you need help getting some forward orders in give Shell and Kelly a call on 8673 6288 or email

Alternatively, if you feel like getting out to shop and you’d like a safe and beautiful outside grocery option check out Joe’s Market Garden in Coburg.

Since COVID-19 hit Joe’s have been offering organic fruit and veg boxes, fresh Der Partisan bread, Schulz Organic Dairy and various other pantry items from some of our local farmer friends.

Live from the Packing Floor IV this Wednesday

Live from the Packing Floor is a series of six gigs live-streamed from the Fair Food warehouse featuring local musicians who have lost gigs due to COVID-19 (here’s a short clip of our last show with Zoë Fox).

Our fourth gig this Wednesday morning features Pindara Quartet a group of friends from the string section of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Formed in 2016, to perform a concert for diplomats and dignitaries in Jakarta, Pindara also run the MSO Youth Music Camp in Jogjakarta, a fantastic annual outreach project.

Live from the Packing Floor is Fair Food’s way of showing solidarity with our brother and sister musicians who have lost their livelihoods during COVID-19, and also to share the music we’ve all been missing.

Whenever there’s a disaster – a bushfire, a flood, a famine, musicians rally around to give their time and talents, generously sharing their music to raise money and help others.

Live from the Packing Floor is our small way to offer a hand back.

You can see Pindara Quartet live on the CERES Fair Food YouTube Channel at 9.30am this Wednesday 15th July … just after morning tea!

Here’s the link

Have a safe week



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