Hello friends,

Below is the latest recap of important changes at Fair Food due to increased demand.

As you can imagine our team is working round the clock to adapt to the new circumstances we are all in, and we’re doing our absolute best to accommodate as many deliveries as possible as safely as possible!  The updates below may affect you or loved ones so please read and share as necessary.  

Orders and Set Boxes
Our set boxes are currently limited to:

These set boxes will be made with the best mix of organic produce available each day (a list of specific items won’t be posted, we’re just making the best set boxes we can).

Capped order numbers
As you may have already read, we’ve capped the number of deliveries for each day. 

⁠So if you are unable to place an order for a given day, please try a different date on the calendar and know we are doing our absolute best to accommodate everyone.

Being mindful of others
Thank you for thinking of others when ordering and only buying what you can use, and preserve.  We understand that unknown times are hard to plan for but over ordering limits availability for those who require supplies now. 

Our drivers will be practising contactless delivery (knock and drop).

We will not be able to provide you with an estimated delivery window for the time being. 

We will endeavour to have your order delivered by 7pm, however some delays may occur.

If items are out of stock, we will credit your account and be in contact with you by the end of your delivery day.

Returning items for reuse
We are not collecting our cardboard boxes, please recycle them.  We have also paused returns on refill pouches or reusable jars (except for Schulz milk) at this time.  

Our drivers will collect eskies and frozen water bottles to be sanitised in the warehouse. Schulz glass milk bottles will also be collected and returned to Schulz Dairy for sterilisation and reuse.  

New customers
Lastly, we’re unable to accept new customers during this time.  

We sincerely apologise for this, however our priority at this stage is to support our existing customers as best we can whilst looking after our team. 

If you do not already have a Fair Food account, we invite you to join our waiting list and we’ll let you know when regular ordering resumes.

Once again, thank you for your incredible support and understanding during this tricky time.  Our stringent COVID-19 hygiene measures remain in place and we’re taking this day by day just as you are. 

Keep looking after each other, stay in touch and eat fresh – it’s time to get creative with our supplies (more on that soon)!

The Fair Food team.


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  1. Completely fair enough though I wish I’d signed up a couple of months ago like I’d planned after our local greengrocer closed. Oh well. Best wishes to you all and keep well.

  2. This is all fair and well considered. Thank you for the updates, and all the good work that you do. Look after yourselves!