Viral Kindness flyer

I’ve lost count of the COVID-19 planning meetings, conversations and emails we’ve had this past two weeks. 

We’ve been talking about how we can best serve our community through COVID-19.

The card above, created by Becky Wass, says everything about how we want to get through this.

Checking in on neighbours, sharing a spare loo roll or some food will turn the fear into strength.

Over the weekend a friend wrote this about being unwell…

…”I put a call out to my neighbours this morning.

My wonderful community has knocked and dropped a coffee, a bunch of greens, some groceries, homemade pickle, still warm orange cake, veggie broth, banana bread, an amazing nourish bowl and lunch tomorrow.

I feel so reassured knowing I have neighbours who have my back (and tummy) and in turn I will be there to help them.”

The weeks ahead are a test – the little ways we care for each other will show who we really are as people and as a community.

The card above is one small thing we can do to look after people around us. 

Meanwhile, at the Fair Food warehouse the enormous increase in orders is telling us how important grocery delivery is going to be for people.

We’ll be doing everything we can to look after each other so we can stay healthy and keep delivering through the crisis.

These are our COVID-19 housekeeping rules;

– Stay home if you have symptoms or contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case

– Everyone coming to the Fair Food warehouse washes or sanitises their hands before they enter

– Packing crew wear gloves (we do this already)

– Drivers sanitise hands in between every pick-up and delivery

– Drivers are Knocking-and-Dropping grocery orders

– Cardboard boxes will be recycled instead of being reused

– Frequently touched surfaces are regularly cleaned

During the crisis we’re going to continue our free home delivery offer on orders over $75 as well as continuing free delivery to Food Hosts for all orders.

The Fair Food crew, our farmers, our makers and suppliers are working huge hours to get food and groceries to us.

So when something isn’t in stock, isn’t quite right or on time please also show your care when you speak or email Shell or Kelly in customer service.

Have a safe week   



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  1. CERES fair food is so important in times like these! Keep up the great work fair fooders and thank you for feeding us xx

  2. Hello Ceres Community,

    Its a very touching little piece. When so many negative news are spreading around like the virus, reading the card and the message is an effective dose of vaccine against the Coronapanic.

    Thank you Becky, Chris, all the staff and the Ceres Community.