There are some of us who like to eat the produce and there are some of us who like to juice the produce. And then if you are a juicer there are variations – to get granular (not sure if that’s a good word to combine with juicing) you may prefer the slow grinding action of a Champion Juicer or the high speed everything-in vitamization of a Nutribullet or perhaps the satisfying carrot-into-whizzing-blades-juice-trickling-out-into-your-glass of traditional juicing. Whatever your juicing style there’s something about a fresh juice, something akin to popping corn or turning milk into cheese – something in the process of grinding or vitamizing or juicing that does things to fruit and vegetables that our bodies really like. And it’s as much in the making of the actual thing, something about the ritual of preparing the fruit and vegetables and then transforming them into the juice that’s as important in the drinking.

So if you’re feeling the need to feel less seedy at this time of year and/or you’re joining the Unglut Your Gut Challenge or it’s just too hot to cook something or you want something special to add to a special breakfast for someone special then maybe go a Juice Me Up Box.


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