The long Labour Day weekend is going to be, well, long and sunny. Yay! Having said that, thank goodness for the slightly cool(er) change this morning. We’re pretty sure our growers would be very happy to see droplets falling from the sky right about now. But in both rain or shine, we hope you’re keeping as crisp as an organic cucumber on ice during this surprising extension to Summer.

Talking of things that go on party platters, are you going away this Labour Day weekend and might forget or be unable to put your order in? You might like to put it in today before you go, so you can chill out and just enjoy your long summery weekend.

Nothing is amiss, we’ll be delivering as usual this coming Tuesday. The only change is that the office will be closed on Monday for the Labour Day public holiday, so we won’t be there to process late orders, or any ordering issues you may have had over the weekend until we get back into the warehouse on Tuesday.

Another long weekend is also coming up shortly. Yep, Easter is also upon us and Loafer Bread are once again baking batches of the finest organic hot cross buns, made-to-order on the morning of our deliveries. But get in quick, as there are only three more delivery weeks to enjoy these truly delicious, once-a-year treats.

Wishing you a safe, fun and restful Labour Day weekend.

The Fair Food Team

P.s. To all the ladies (and men) in the room, happy International Women’s Day!!!


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