The school holidays end this week and if you have kids it can be chaotic getting back into the rhythm of things – things like remembering to get your Fair Food order in.   So we’re taking the pressure off and pushing our ordering deadline back for Tuesday and Wednesday orders to MONDAY 12pm.  That means there’s one less thing to worry about while you’re rushing around trying to find a pair of matching socks for the kids on their first day back.  I don’t know where they go – my son’s got about 20 unmatched socks in his draw?Broad Beans

This week is the 1st big harvest week for Joe and Vince’s broad bean crop down at CERES’ historic Merri Creek Market Garden in Coburg.  I’ve been talking to Vince today and he’ll be picking Monday to Wednesday to have fresh beans for all our set box orders except the Fruit Only and the Juicing Box – you can also get them as extras in the Webshop.  Try peeling the pod and then the outer layer of the bean and eating them fresh – you won’t be able to stop yourself

Wednesday Home Delivery Times Change – New Delivery Window is 11am-7pm

We’re getting more efficient at getting our orders out on Home Delivery day with some orders getting to the doorstep by 11am.  We’re currently working on an alert to let you know which part of the day your orders will arrive – keep you posted.

Got a Quality Issue?  Let us know and we’ll fix you up

October and November are the hardest time of the year for good  fruit and veg.  All the winter crops have wound up and the summer crops won’t be ready for a couple of months.  Apples, pears and navels that have been harvested months ago don’t keep well, greens grow fast but wilt quickly, there’s crazy weather, late frosts, hailstorms and unexpected heatwaves – it all adds up to quality issues.  We train our workers to sort the good from the bad but sadly poor quality produce sometimes gets through.  We know how disappointing this is and we want to know about it so we can replace your produce or give you a refund.  We also want to know so we can fix things at Fair Food.  So if you’re not happy with anything in your order – anything at all – let us know by email  And by-the-way we love photos of any bad produce that we can share around with the warehouse crew – it really helps with training.

Have a great week


ORDER DEADLINES THIS WEEK!For this week only for those recovering from school holidays order by 12pm (midday) Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries.

And for Thursday deliveries the order deadline is the same as usual by 11:59pm Tuesday night .

Did you sign up with us, but never got around to ordering? We’d like to help give you the gift of Fair Food with a 5% storewide discount.
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