You might have noticed that we’re using a lot less bags in our orders lately.  It’s part of a passionate campaign by Fair Food’s packers to use less and less packaging.  Each week the packing crew see bundles of bags go out the door and it’s been making them unhappy.   So rather than bottling up their feelings and giving-in they’ve been getting busy – planning and testing different bag saving strategies.  Their latest solution is;  instead of all the extras having a bag of their own they are putting extras straight into your boxes except for things like salad mix which doesn’t really work all that well.

You can also help save even more packaging by sending your boxes and eskies back for reuse or recycling.  Do it by either leaving them at your Food Host or in the spot where your home delivery is dropped.  Some of our boxes (only the clean ones) are re-used up to three or four times saving a huge amount of materials and energy.  And if our drivers aren’t picking up your boxes and eskies let us know and we’ll firmly but gently remind them.


Alicia the seeker says thanks to everybody who sent their suggestions for products-they’d-like-to-see at Fair Food.  We had a great response with dozens of emails but Alicia wants still more ideas for your favourite items that will help make Fair Food an amazing grocery webstore.  If you’ve got something you’d like to see put up in the Fair Food webstore let Alicia know on


School holidays start at the end of this week and if you are going away it’s a good time to get some extra extras or order in bulk to keep the fridge and fruit bowl full while you’re on your break.   And if you’re staying in town Ella, our marketing manager, is going to do a school holiday special to make the holidays a little easier for everyone – standby for updates



Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries order deadline is Sunday midnight – yes tonight! Thursday deliveries deadline is Tuesday midnight.


Have a great week



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