New Food Host (i.e. Pick up points) opening…

Lee St, Flemington
Land of Yoga, Preston
Morley Cres, Box Hill North
Pakington St, Kew
Project Earth, Burwood East
Kensington Primary, Kensington


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  1. I am REALLY keen to have a food host set up in SE Melb. I live in Eumemmerring (Doveton) and work at a gourmet food wholesaler in Hallam. I would love to be involved somehow. Can someone please get in touch with me? I sent an email late last year and heard nothing. Disappointed indeed. I travel to Ceres not only for the food, but for my weekly cafe fix and the energy. I find I cannot always make the trip, so being a food host would be fantastic!

  2. I also sent an email last year about becoming a food host in NE Melbourne (Mill Park, Epping). I’m unable to travel to Ceres as I have a young family, we have local organic delivery options here, but nothing with food miles under 200km. I know several people in the area who may be interested, but none of us can regularly travel to the closest food host in Preston. Please support the need for Organic Fair food in the outer suburbs!