Loafer Bread in North Fitzroy is a bakery close to my heart; dreamed up  in 2002 by the very tall and charismatic Canadians, Antoine and Georg Von Baich.  These wild eyed yet softly spoken brothers had a vision but almost no money. I can remember walking into the shell of the bakery, just after it had been gutted, and it looked like they had been hit by a bomb. But with lots of willing helpers and some inspired scrounging they somehow pulled it off and opened Loafer a few months later.

Keeping it simple; specialising in organic, sourdough bread, some irresistibly cute pastries and a couple tables for people wanting a coffee. Loafer’s timing and location was perfect and people have kept coming back for another sprout and seed loaf ever since.

In 2007 Antoine and Georg decided to go to Berlin to chase their dreams of becoming DJs (if you knew them it somehow made sense) and sold Loafer to their pastry chef extraordinaire, Andrea Brabazon and her sisters Caitlin and Philippa.

Like the Von Baich brothers before them the Brabazon sisters continued to bake beautiful, simple bread and pastries. The latest evolution of the Loafer story is a long awaited new oven and with it a couple of tasty new loaves.

Called the Overnight Wholemeal and the Overnight White,  Andrea recently sent a loaf of each for the Fair Food crew to try. Both are higher, lighter and softer than traditional Loafer loaves and they started disappearing as soon as they hit the lunch counter. Mind you, this happens with all their bread and most other food at the warehouse. Anyway, the Overnights are the kind of loaf for putting on the table at a dinner or a lunch – guaranteed crowd pleasers.  You can get both in the webshop – only wish we had a way for you to give them a squeeze.

Loafer deliver by cute cargo bike to Fair Food on delivery days, and CERES Market on market days.


Food Hosts are the faces of Fair Food right across Melbourne.  Each week over 50 people volunteer their verandahs, carports, garages and other spare spots for local people to collect their food.  It’s a unique way of distributing food; you get to meet your neighbours and because we can deliver up to 20 orders to one host you get your groceries delivered free.

This week we have two new Food Hosts joining Fair Food:

Cindy @ Norville St, Bentleigh East Tuesdays 5-8pm
Sarah @ Heller St, Brunswick, Thursdays 4-8pm

If they’re your hosts say, “hi,” when you pick up.

Have a great week!


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