CERES Aquaponics from CERES Fair Food on Vimeo.

Over the past few months we have been producing some short videos about our farmers, growers and suppliers. We want to give our members the story behind their food, how and who produced it. We kick things off with a short video all about the CERES Aquaponic system, which is right next door to the Fair Food warehouse here in Northcote. The CERES Aquaponic system was designed and built by Green Technology Designer Stephen Mushin and Biologist Dr Wilson Lennard. Aquaponics is a water efficient method of growing of fish and vegetables (mostly herbs in this case) side-by-side in a closed system. Essentially the nutrient-rich effluent from the fish is put to good use by fertilising the plants and the water is recycled continuously. The Aquaponic system is fully functional and providing most of the beautiful herbs in the Fair Food boxes each week.



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  1. Hi, I’m wondering about the conditions in which the fish live. I don’t want my food to be produced at the expense of a fish’s right to freedom or a comfortable, cruelty free environment.

    1. Dear Lynda,

      This is a difficult ethical question. Aquaponics is based on the principles of ESD and has been designed to address many important ecological challenges we face. Although some may disagree on the question of captivity, the fish are well looked after, live in good water conditions and are free from external predators. On balance, this may not be such a bad life for a fish even when compared with the natural alternative. Again, it depends on your personal stance on broader animal rights issues.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.