“Let’s be clear” as our political representatives are often fond of saying before they completely muddy the waters, in this instance it’s the difference between muesli and granola – which is – muesli is raw while granola is toasted, sweetened and has oil added, which sounds a lot like toasted muesli.  Anyway, now all that’s clear-ish, let’s get to our hero Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner and the story of Birchermüesli, known to the world simply as muesli.  

Muesli’s development is not as straightforward as one might imagine – originally Dr Bircher-Benner, a Swiss physician working at the Vital Force Health Clinic in the 1900’s, was not trying to get more grains and nuts into his patients’ diets.  He was in fact attempting to increase their intake of raw apple, which Bircher-Benner credited with healing the jaundice he suffered from as a youth.

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