Our Merri Creek

On Tuesday in the early evening, right beside Joe’s Market Garden on the Merri Creek a man attacked and raped a woman who was simply out for a jog.

She’s been in the thoughts of our community since we heard the news.

She ran where our partners run, where our kids ride their bikes, where our fellow workers and volunteers grow our food.

She ran along the path that connects our community in so many ways, leaving so many of us feeling paralysed and heartbroken.

After Tuesday night farmer Em Connors knew there was no way she could carry on as though nothing had happened – it was a feeling shared by many.

An act of such profound disconnection can only be countered by one of deep connection.

And so on Saturday morning on the Creek path beside Joe’s Garden, Wurundjeri elder, Aunty Annette Xiberras and farmer Em Connors led over a hundred of us in a cleansing ritual acknowledging what had happened this week.

Aunty Annette drew people around her fire, into healing smoke made from ash drawn from all Indigenous nations of Victoria.  

Em Connors invited people, not to avoid the creek, but to gather and work out ways for us to come together.

Tonight hundreds of people are walking along the path to “Reclaim Our Merri Creek” further putting the onus on men to stop attacking women.

Meanwhile, in the press some politicians feeling the need to do something have increased police patrols and proposed CCTV cameras and lighting along the Creek.

But ask Em, Virginia, Sofi and others who work at Joe’s and they’ll tell you that safety is not more cameras or lights, it’s more and more people coming out to connect on the Merri Creek.

If you’d like to join this conversation there’s a gathering Wednesday 11th December, 4pm at Joe’s Garden for people wanting to do more to change our culture around gendered violence.  All are welcome.

Fair Food packing team photo by AllisonTubbs

Christmas break heads-up

Just another reminder that every year we shut down for a couple of weeks to give the Fair Food crew a break to spend time with friends and family and get rested for the coming year.

This year we’re delivering right up to Christmas Eve.

Holiday closing dates are: 

Last delivery day for 2019 – Tuesday 24th December

Our first delivery day back in 2020 – Monday, January 6th

Have a great week



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