Thanks to Mandira at the Christmas Fair Food warehouse

This year more than any other there seems a lot to be thankful for.

So, in this last week of our our year I’d like to say thanks;

To all of you for your support, for your patience & so many kind words, for giving back to our farmers after the bushfires, for your Hello Vegetable stories and pictures, for paying-it-forward with Open Table and for helping Mo smile again

Thanks to our customer service team who so patiently and persistently worked through thousands of emails adnd phone calls to put things right and help us get our Fair Food each week. 

Thanks to our packing crew – who this year faced almost impossible hurdles and responded with hard work, care for each other, ingenuity and enormous grace.

Thanks to the Fair Food drivers – who were on the front line all year  – who were asked to work late through the lockdowns until every order was delivered and did it with a smile.

Thanks to our buyers, our managers and our marketers – for somehow finding enough food through all the shortages, for keeping us COVID-safe for eight long months, for letting us know what was happening and that everything was going to be okay.

And thanks of course to the farmers and makers who, when we needed them in overwhelming numbers, grew more, harvested more, milled more, baked more and fermented more food than they had ever done before.

Below is a list of all of the farmers, makers and suppliers who fed us this year….

13 Seeds

2die4 Live Foods

Abundance Farm

Afs Premier Brands



Aroha Earth 

Artemis Rose

Back To Basics

Barambah Organics


Bee Sustainable

Beenak Farm Kiwifruit


Berringa The Super Manuka

Biodynamic Marketing Co.

Bite Me Fine Foods

Black Chicken Remedies

Blue Pumpkin

Blue Sky Organics

Bod Conscious Enterprises  

Boon Teck Peng

Botanical Cuisine

Broth Of Life

Calendar Cheese Company .

Cartel & Co

Cello Bags Australia

Central Victoria Honey

CERES Fair Wood

CERES Microgreens

Cockatoo Grove

Cocoa Rhapsody

Composting Toilet Systems


Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.

Day’s Walk Farm

Dench Bakers

Dr Planet

E. & A. Salce 


Ecostore Australia

Elmore Compost & Organics

Emmeline Park

Encore Tissue  

Environmental Enterprises

Ethical Dairy

Farmer Incubator

Feel Good Foods

Fenech Farm

Fieldtech Solutions

First Generation Organics

First Ray

Foothill Organic 

Frank And Tom’s

Genobile Saba Australia

GF Precinct

Gippsland Free Range Eggs

Good Goods 

Got The Sack

Green Gully Organics

Green St Kitchen


Harmony Products

Hazeldean Forest Farm

Health Magic


Home Stand Produce

Joe’s Garden (CERES)


Kas Organics

King Oyster Mushrooms

La Gousse Farm

La Madre Bakery

Lil Bit Better

Little Tuna

Love Tea

Loving Earth

Luxe Fine Foods

Madelaine Eggs

Maison Ilma

Mark Foletta

Marrakech Deli

Melba Fresh Organics

Merri Cafe (CERES)

Mount Zero Olives

Mountain Bread

Naturally On High


O’Kelly Group

Oliana Foods 

Onya Think Reusable

Organic Growers Group

Organic Needs


P & H Kamvissis

Paul Haar


Pud For All Seasons 

Pure Organic Harvest 

Ratio Cocoa Roasters

Raw Materials 

Real Free Range Eggs


Remi’s Patch


Richard Law

Schulz Organic Farms

Seed Family  

Serenitea Infusions

Singing Feeds Farm




Spiral Foods


Sugarloaf Produce


Take Me Home Pastas

Tellurian Fruit Gardens

The Corner Store Network  

The Dirt Company

The Fermentary 

The Good Seed Kefir

The Green Abode Store

The Mushroomery

The Organic Meat Specialist

The Practical Beekeeper

The Swag

The Vegan Dairy

Timor Coffee Roasters

Trialia Foods

Ulu Hye

Unique Health Products


Warburton Wellbeing

Wild Timor Coffee 

Wilhelma Farm


Yarra Organics

And of course thanks to our Mother Earth, who patiently provides everything that sustains us – may we learn how to give back and take better care of her next year.

Have a safe holiday

See you in 2021


PS. Fair Food’s Christmas Break

Every year we shut down to give the CERES Fair Food crew a break to spend time with friends and family.

This year our holiday dates are: 

Last deliveries for 2020 are on Thursday 24th December

Our first deliveries in 2021 are on Monday, January 4th

Thanks to our crew, celebrating at the Fair Food Christmas party, 2020


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