The question has been posed, what does breakfast have in common with the general concept of recycling? Gee well there’s a few directions you could take that. There’s the path that leads to thinking about breakfast as the first meal of the day, beginning again the metabolic processes of food digestion, internal composting, and finally of course, expulsion. Or with less of the ‘humanure’ thinking, perhaps you like to take the kitchen food scraps out to the worm farm first thing in the morning and start the day by checking on the thousand little miracles in there, quietly recycling the world. The ecology of our own microbiome and the compost pile surely aren’t that different and both need tending.

A lot of folks will maintain a newspaper and coffee habit in the early hours of the day (shredded newspaper and spent coffee grinds or tea are all great in the compost by the way), or carve out some sort of quiet time of reflection and mental calm before the tasks roll in. A kind of sorting and recycling of the thoughts and emotions and ideas that all jostle to be attended to when given a moment to be heard. Perhaps by breakfast time at your place there’s already a lounge room full of cardboard cubbies, intergalactic space stations or a wildly messy stage for epic robot battles made from your collection of Fair Food veggie boxes. Which is great, though we do like getting them back so we can reuse them a few more times before they themselves hit the recycling centre. (Just flat-pack your used Fair Food box and leave it out at your Food Host or in the spot where your order is dropped off so our drivers can collect it).

I guess even the breakfast kedgeree recipe at the top of this newsletter is a recycling of sorts – possibly of left overs but also traditions, an example of what happens when the food cultures of different peoples and places are combined together through global circumstance, as is so much of what we eat every day. Anyway now I’m not sure why we even posed the question in the first place, but some morning musings on keeping the cycles alive can’t be a bad thing when a brand new day is there for the taking.

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