Went too hard at work wind ups? Ate and drank things you’d never usually put in your body,and in worrying quantities? What about your stress levels? By the time Christmas rolled around were you already strung out from the end-of-year rush at work, traumatised by Christmas shopping, or mentally and emotionally “just hanging on” around family members you may have moved interstate or overseas to avoid? And after it was all said and done, during some reflective New Year’s resolution type moment, did you find yourself asking, “how badly did all of this affect my intestinal flora!?” Hmm, maybe you didn’t.

And yet, deep inside all of us exists another world, a microscopic world made up of 10 times more bacteria, fungi and other organisms than we have cells in our body. It’s called the human microbiome and most of it lives in our guts. Anyway there are 10 trillion friendly bacteria in there and it’s like its own ecosystem.

Our microbiome is doing a whole lot of essential jobs we can’t do ourselves. Not only are they’re aiding our digestion, they’re also producing essential substances we can’t make ourselves. They’re regulating our appetite, controlling our moods, teaching our bodies not to overreact to harmless intruders (read allergies!) and most importantly they’re helping our immune system defend us from infection.

You might start to wonder who’s in control here – them or us? But that’s a whole other conversation. The rub of all this is that a happy gut equals a happy life. And after the festive season your microbiome has just gone through, we’d like to help!

In January, Fair Food is teaming up with master fermenter Pat from Pat’s Veg and the crew from Kombuchaid to bring you the 2016 Unglut Your Gut Challenge!

Just plug in the coupon code GUT at checkout, order Fair Food over four consecutive weeks and we’ll send you a FREE Good Gut Pack with your fourth order!

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