Schulz’s Organic Dairy

The listeria and e-coli contamination in a batch of Schulz’s full cream milk with a 22nd August use-by has been terrible news for all involved; for everyone who has bought Schulz’s milk, for Simon Schulz and his staff and the organic dairy industry.

We’re supplying Demeter milk this week and will be keeping Fair Food customers informed of what’s happening with Schulz Organics as soon as we hear. You can listen to Simon Schulz speaking about the recall on ABC Radio two days ago here.

Alex’s Bulk Update

So two weeks ago we decided to make as much of our fruit and veg available in bulk quantities. The thinking being that you can order fewer times, save around 20% on price and reduce packaging.

Now, Alex, who manages the grocery section at Fair Food – being a champion of all things bulk with her bulk grains, slabs of soy milks, slabs of canned goods and enormous packs of toilet paper – has got a whole lot more grocery items available in bulk. This is Alex’s list of new bulk items…

*Pear Juice
*Orange Juice- tetra packs
*Apple Juice- tetra packs
*Corn Chips
*Rice Cakes- sesame
*Corn Cakes- plain
*Corn Cakes- linseed & sesame
*Oats- traditional rolled (Lotus & Kialla)
*Popping Corn (Pure Harvest & Kialla)
*Tomato Puree
*Tomato Paste
*Buckwheat Flour
*Stock Cubes- original
*Licorice- soft

She warns there is more to come.

Order Deadlines for this Week: Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries is Sunday midnight.

Deadline for Thursday deliveries is Tuesday midnight.

Have a great week


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