Dearest Schulz Dairy customers,

Due to the Schulz contamination, we have refunded our customers for all Schulz Dairy orders (excluding Schulz yoghurt) from last Thursday, 8th of August, onwards.

If you do not normally receive email reminders from us, you would have missed the email sent out this morning with detailed information regarding the contamination. If so, we strongly urge you to read the information on our website here.

Given the information we have received from Schulz, we will be replacing all Schulz Milk with Demeter Milk until further notice, and no longer supplying Schulz Bath Milk or Cream until this issue can be satisfactorily resolved. The Schulz yoghurt (and quark) processing lines have been tested and results have come back negative for Listeria and E.coli.

If you have standing orders for any of the Schulz dairy in question, please expect to receive Demeter milk instead, and to be credited for Schulz bath milk and cream during this time. If you do not wish to receive Demeter Milk, please go to My Orders, and manage any future milk orders you have in place. As we are shifting our milk supplier so suddenly, our Demeter Milk supply will be a little irregular. So please expect some last minute shortages in the coming week.

We have already refunded all customers with Schulz dairy orders (excluding yoghurt) from last Thursday, 8th August, onwards.

You can see credits by going to your profile and clicking on View Payment History.

If you believe you should have received a refund and have not, please contact us and we will investigate.

Warm Regards,

CERES Fair Food
(03) 8673 6288


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