Schulz Milk in Glass

Schulz milk in glass bottles coming soon…

Here’s a progress update on Schulz Organic Dairy’s new glass milk bottles.

You may remember back in 2018 Simon Schulz raised $106,100 to buy plant & equipment to put his milk into 5,000 reusable glass bottles each week.

The glass bottles that are estimated to eliminate up to 10 tonnes of plastic from our currently less than perfect recycling system each year are getting close to launch….

This is what Simon says…..

Dear Friends,

A quick update on how we are tracking with our Milk in Glass project, I apologise for being a little quiet on our progress but things have been hectic here trying to get everything sorted.

Our new glass bottles have arrived into Melbourne, and it should only be a short while until they are delivered here. Our new filling machine is undergoing its final modification today, which will be exciting to play with. We chose to add a second machine to keep our plastic and glass separate so that there would be no compromises to our plastic run should a glass bottle break.

The critical step of washing each bottle is the only phase not quite finished, we engaged a local industrial dish washing manufacturer to custom build a machine for the glass and unfortunately they are running over schedule. We do hope to have the system fully installed by the end of February (fingers crossed)

Once all these components are together we will be able to give you a solid launch date, but we are looking like mid to late March. Pricing should be clearer once we do some trials with expectations that it should come in around the same price as our current plastic 1lt bottle, with the exception of the $2 deposit which will be passed on through to the customer.

Our current plan is to launch milk in glass at the farmers markets and then the following week launch direct into retail. We are working on some point of sale signage and other marketing material to push through social in the lead up to launch and we will continue with this for a few months afterwards.

It’s an exciting time for us and I really appreciate your support over the years and particularly for jumping on board with our little project… hopefully together we can change the world for the better.

Kindest regards

Simon Schulz


CERES Fair Food is a Schulz-milk-in-glass-bottle-roll-out founding retailer.  As Simon wrote, each bottle will have a $2 refundable deposit.  This is going to take a little logistical thinking to make the returns and refunds work smoothly, but it’s something we have to get right, not just with milk, but eventually with all our products that have single use packaging – can’t wait!


zucchini basket

PAZOYND Day, this Saturday, 23rd February

Now in its fifth year National Put a Zucchini on Your Neighbour’s Doorstep Day (aka PAZOYND Day) has filled out and matured to become a sturdy marrow-like tradition.

Each February, all over our fair city, in a kind of tsunami of generosity, people are placing, not just surplus zucchinis, but tomatoes, basil, beans, nectarines, figs, lemons, jams, chutneys even muffins, on each other’s porches.*

And although at first glance the concept of courgette-redistribution may seem to be addressing the current food waste epidemic, a closer look reveals PAZOYND Day’s deeper social purpose.

PAZOYND Day is a kind of couch-to-5k’s for our hearts; a first step out of our comfort zones building our capacity for compassion and neighbourliness.

In his latest book social researcher, Hugh Mackay, says, “The better world you dream of starts in your street”.

Mackay attributes our fragmented, anxious society (more than 2 million of us suffer from an anxiety disorder) to high rates of relationship breakdown, shrinking households, busy lives, income inequality and our ever-increasing reliance on social media.

He believes that how we choose to live helps determine the kind of neighbourhood we live in.

And while PAZOYND Day may be a cheeky noogie of a day; underneath it’s an opportunity to tell the people who live around us that we are here, we care and it takes a community to eat all the zucchinis in our neighbourhood.

National Put a Zucchini on Your Neighbour’s Doorstep Day is on Saturday, February 23rd, though we encourage you to make every day a PAZOYND Day.

*Don’t forget to leave a Happy PAZOYND Day note and remember gifts left at front of doors can be a tripping hazard.  So please place your produce presents presciently.

Have a great week



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