Dear Fair Food Customers,

This week a consumer recall was initiated by Schulz Organic dairy due to e-coli and listeria being found in Schulz Full Cream milk with a use-by date of 22 August.  As a precaution Schulz and Fair Food advised customers to dispose of all Schulz milk bought between 8th-14th August.  If you have bought Schulz Low Fat or Full Cream milk between the 8th-14th of August your Fair Food account will have automatically  been credited for any milk purchased.

This evening we have received an email  from Simon Schulz, owner of  Schulz Organic Dairy, that independent tests have confirmed that ONLY Schulz Full Cream Milk with a use-by date of the 22nd August has tested positive to e-coli and listeria – all other Schulz milk has been passed as safe for human consumption.

Repeating; ONLY Schulz Full Cream Milk with a use-by of 22nd of August has tested positive to e-coli and listeria.

All other Schulz milk, cream and yoghurt  has been declared safe as of this evening.

Next week Fair Food will be supplying Demeter Bio-dynamic Full Cream and Low Fat Milk.   We will advise customers as soon as we resume supplying Schulz Milk, Cream,Yoghurt and Bath Milk.

If you have any enquiries please email – remember it’s the weekend and we’ll get back to you first thing Monday

All the best

Chris Ennis

Fair Food


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