I noticed there’s a cleaning theme going on with some of the products on special this week. I don’t know where it comes from but lately I feel like there’s something of a simplify, declutter, clean-up thing going on in our collective consciousness . With all the KonMari-ing, digital detox and “Go without months” are we reaching peak stuff, peak like and peak shopping? Or perhaps, with our oceans full of plastic and the atmosphere CO2, is our planet filtering biofeedback into our zeitgeist telling us to embrace simplicity, to downsize, defriend and disconnect? Have you been having a powerful urge to throw away your smartphone, your Ipad and all but three changes of clothing recently? Maybe the world’s immune system is talking to us. Maybe after all the failed Rios, Kyotos, Copenhagens and Parises the earth is resorting to a kind of direct mail approach. I don’t know what’s going on and whether any of this is actually a thing, whatever it is I’m pretty sure probiotic floor cleaner, Epsom salts and toilet paper are just another tiny clue to it all.

PS – From next week recipe/specials newsletter will be shifting to Saturday delivery.

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