Sacred Kingfisher artwork and garden
Live from the kitchen floor

All week people have been stopping outside the Merri Corner Community Garden to stare over the fence.

It’s not the sprouting kale or the broad beans they’ve come to see, it’s the giant bird towering above the plots.

From a hundred metres down the bike path Mike Makatron’s shining-eyed sacred kingfisher bursts off  the side of a neighbouring house.

But get close up and you’ll see a blue banded bee on a murnong flower, a tufted bluebell above a native lady bird and if you look hard near the growling grass frog you might spot a baby’s actual footprint on a gumnut.

At the fence there’s a buzz in the air, people have made the effort to come here specially to experience this beautiful creation.

We love art and we really need art; we listen, watch, read, wear, taste, breathe art.  It’s got us through the last 18 months of isolation.

Fair Food’s way of loving art is employing working artists who haven’t been working this past year and a half.

In 2020 we paid artists and filmmakers to stream gigs from the Fair Food warehouse in Live from the Packing Floor.

But this year with no one allowed in the warehouse we decided to ask some of Melbourne’s finest artists if they could work for us from home.

So, from tomorrow night at 6pm and every night for the next seven days, seven artists will  take a turn to act, sing, dance, read poetry, mime, cook and perform circus from their kitchens.

Each show is about 10 minutes long – you can find Live from the Kitchen Floor on our Instagram this week or catch it later – they’ll still be there.

Have a great week,


LIVE from the Kitchen Floor


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