When Fair Food first started I thought that all anybody could want was a mixed fruit and veg box and the only question could be whether it was small, medium or large.  I mean I liked shopping this way, why wouldn’t everybody else?  I have been learning ever since and Fair Food has been changing how we serve people ever since. But we’re not there yet, clearly.

Currently around 300 new people are trying and leaving Fair Food every month.  If you’ve shopped at Fair Food and been frustrated because you couldn’t swap the kale or spuds out of your set box or wanted shopping delivered the next day but had to wait a week or found we didn’t fit with your budget you may understand why.  And you’re not alone, this is what customers have told us in our surveys, in emails and phone calls.

These days so many people are waking up, wanting to make a difference through the way they buy their  food – a difference to their health, to their farmers and grocery makers lives, to the welfare of farm animals and to the way we care for the land. People are looking for alternatives to Coles and Woolworths, for somewhere to buy their food that shares their values.  But what I’m learning however is that sharing values isn’t always enough, if shopping becomes hard work or doesn’t fit with people’s lives then people will leave – do leave.

So how do we stop people slipping back by default to the big two supermarkets?  How do we make it easy for people to do their food buying and keep their values?

How? We make it easy by making it easy. The things people want from Fair Food aren’t difficult to do. We’ve found webshop software that will make swapping items out of set boxes easy and next day delivery easy and shopping by recipe easy.  And we’ve found warehouse management software that helps us improve our packing, stock control and delivery logistics so we won’t have to charge as much for our products.  What we need now  is your help to build them.

This is Fair Food’s equivalent of a barn-raising and I’m inviting you to come and lend a hand.  If this sounds like the kind of shop you want in our community, then let’s do this together.  Click here to find more out about rewiring the food system campaign.  And if you support it please share it with others.

I want to say a big thanks to the customers of the Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank for helping to get Fair Food’s crowdfunding campaign off to a good start by matching the first $5000 donated dollar-for-dollar.
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