So much is going on this week I don’t know where to start.  Okay, first this ridiculously cute picture of Sonny in a Fair Food box.   Sonny’s parents Makoto and Jolene, who are new Food Hosts, have asked us to confirm that;

1. No, Sonny is not for sale
2. And, no you cannot eat him up

They have generously shared Sonny’s photo with us to help introduce our newest Food Hosts.

Alright, so over the past few months Monique, who does Food Host outreach, has been busy visiting and inducting a whole new group of hosts.  These new hosts are joining over 60 other households, businesses and community centres who, each week, put aside a space each for Fair Food members to collect their groceries, but not just that, they are creating little possibilities and opportunities for people to share a smile as they pick up their order or to show a new member where to put their empty box.  They are playing their part in making neighbourhoods strong and good places to live and for that generosity of spirit we’d like welcome and thank you;

If you meet any of our new hosts remember to say, “hi”, and if you have friends or family who live close by any of our new hosts let them know.



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