In a world weary of silverbeet bakes, in a time of seasonally reduced produce choices, in a place crying out for something, anything different to cook this week. One vegetable will rise up from the dirt to set a people free and make dinnertime more exciting than it has been for a while.   

Oh, it brings such joy to my heart this time of year – the first week of the asparagus season. I get quite excited because it feels like we’ve crossed the winter produce finish line and we’re on the way to summer.  This week master farmer, Morrie Cafra, from Koo Wee Rup is delivering his first big asparagus harvest of the season and we’re featuring it this week in the Veg Only, Large Mixed, Gourmet and Intolerant Boxes and you also can order it individually in the webstore if you want to add it to a box.  Keep a look out next week for Liz Francis’ asparagus recipe and also check out these past ones on the website

Asparagus and Broccoli SoupMini Asparagus and Leek Quiches as well as inspiration from Ruth Friedlander’s Ode to Asparagus

The word from Morrie is that the asparagus harvest is looking good, so we can expect funny smelling wee for some months to come (that bit was me not Morrie). And on that note did you know that although asparagus affects the odour of most people’s urine only 20% of people can smell it? Apparently it’s genetic.

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