The Boite Millennium Chorus

The music’s on us at The Boîte

June 1st 1979 and a collective calling themselves The Boîte  puts on a concert at the Actors Theatre in Church Street Richmond.

With the recent closure of popular multi-lingual radio station 3ZZ by the Fraser Government fresh in their minds the group present an Andean folk band, two Greek groups and a New Guinean dance performance.

The concert, as much protest as showcase of the city’s multicultural musical riches, signals the birth of a Melbourne cultural institution.

For 41 years The Boîte  (French for small cabaret) has not only promoted migrant, Indigenous and World performers but has always gone deeper sharing the social and political stories behind the music.

The Boîte has survived on the tenacity and ingenuity of its passionate membership finding homes over the years in Richmond, Port Melbourne, Box Hill, Fitzroy, North Fitzroy and Abbotsford.

In 1998, with its funding unexpectedly cut, The Boîte faced closure – turning to their community the collective reinvented themselves with a 400 member multicultural Millennium Chorus singing to a packed Melbourne Concert Hall – a tradition that has endured now for more than 20 years.

More used to pivoting than most The Boîte has ensured the music has gone on during COVID.  Their online Adapt, Not Cancel gigs have kept performers working and the community connected to live music.

This month, in the spirit of our Live from the Packing Floor shows, CERES Fair Food is joining with The Boîte to bring the music to you.    

We’re putting your name on the door to see some of Melbourne’s finest musicians.

Coming up live are;

– Melbourne Shakuhachi Festival Concert 3:30pm Sunday October 11

– Unknown Mirrors with Ryan Williams and Miyama McQueen-Tokita 3:30pm Sunday October 18

– Sweet Sound Ensemble 3:30 Sunday October 25

Plus you can access two earlier concerts;

– Zulya and the Children of the Underground Trio

– Luke Plumb and Stephen Lalor

All these wonderful performances can be accessed afterwards, so you can watch, listen and dance in the kitchen to your favourite session as many times as you like.

Click here to collect your free tickets

Have a safe week


Ego Lemos and The Boite Millennium Chorus


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