Early one morning this week, before the traffic starts, if you find yourself a very, very quiet place, maybe you can feel the subtlest subterranean vibration rumbling up from the Koo Wee Rup swamp as the first of the asparagus spears break through the earth. And lately if you’ve been feeling uneasy or restless in your bones for no apparent reason perhaps it’s the new asparagus calling to the world, “Wake from your winter slumber, spring is here”.   In the next couple of weeks we’ll start seeing this magical and so especially tasty vegetable appear in our boxes from illusive Koo Wee Rup swamp farmers like  Maurie Cafra from Cafresco Organics.  I can’t wait.



We’re expecting Schulz milk to be available again soon and will let you know exactly when.  In the meantime we are continuing to stock Demeter Biodynamic Milk.  Schulz Yoghurt and Cream are still available.



The response to our new bulk range has been great and a little bewildering – where are you putting all those bananas people?  If you’ve missed it or are new to Fair Food, we’ve begun to supply everything we stock as a bulk option so we can all save money on packaging, handling and deliveries.  Alex, the Queen of Fair Food Bulk, has sent a new update.  This week Alex has added to the webstore;

– Eco Store Laundry Liquid 5lt

– Eco Store Dishwash Tablets

-Black Sesame Rice Crackers

– Tamari Rice Crackers

– Udon Noodles

-Pizza Pasta Sauce

– Funghi Pasta Sauce



And a big thanks to everyone who got their hands dirty at the two Fair Food Week events held in CERES market gardens over the past two weekends.

Have a great week!


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