When the world seems out of control and people all around seem to be sipping from the bubbler of blame and fear, there is something positive and practical we can do. Something simple that brings us together, that makes us nutritionally and emotionally happier, that makes our communities stronger and supports local tomato farmers.  It’s Crowdsaucing Day – Fair Food’s annual passata making event.

Crowdsaucing is simple; Fair Food buys tomatoes from local growers and delivers them to you. You organise a Crowdsaucing for friends, loved ones and neighbours or just do it by yourself if you’re a solo-saucemaker (no judgement here).

Last year Fair Food delivered tomatoes to 165 Crowdsaucings and over 300 people . Most had their Crowdsaucing Day with friends and family. Some people and organisations held public Crowdsaucing Days open to anyone – if you want to do one of these Monique can advise you and help you with promoting your event.

This year we’re launching Crowdsaucing during CERES Harvest Festival in late March. After our adventures last year organising 5 tonnes of tomatoes to be ready and delivered on one day we’ve decided to spread delivery out over three weeks to make it easier on the growers, our poor hearts and so as many people can sauce as possible.

And if you want to get your  passata making technique down and ready before your Crowdsaucing Day our own sauce-master Monique Miller is holding a Passata Making workshop on Feb 26th in the CERES Community Kitchen, 10 am-4pm.  We’ve also got a whole lot of passata making resources here.

Got any Crowdsaucing related questions – email Monique



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